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Aruba Tourism Officials Have a Radical Idea to Reduce All-Inclusive Resorts

All-inclusive resorts appeal to a desire by guests to leave all their concerns behind. And while the realities of life outside of a gated resort will never match that, destinations like Aruba should think about what they can do to make their destinations more attractive outside of the resort walls.

3 weeks ago

Club Med Targeting Affluent Millennial Families in Bid to Redefine Its Brand

Theoretically, this isn't your grandparents' Club Med. Affluent millennial parents and their kids are now part of the demographic -- or at least they are increasingly the target demographic.

4 weeks ago

New Free Skift Report: The Evolution of the All-Inclusive Resort

Spurred by economic factors and shifting guest expectations, the all-inclusive resort segment is rapidly expanding with more luxury product, local travel experiences, and age-delineated services targeting a wider range of international consumer demographics. Download this report for FREE!

1 year ago

Tug of War Over Club Med Continues As Chinese Firm Outbids Italian Rival

The high interest is only half good news for Club Med. If one party pays too much, there's worry it won't have necessary capital to invest in the brand.

2 years ago

Interview: Apple Leisure’s CEO on the Future of the Luxury All-Inclusive Vacation

Apple Leisure Group is competing with cruise lines to attract the business of American travelers to Mexico and the Caribbean. Like cruise lines trying to win over first-time cruisers, Apple Leisure Group is attempting to get Americans who have never had a passport before to get off the couch and experience their first foreign vacations.

2 years ago

Club Med Opens Second Resort in China, Looking for Rejuvenation

With its financial performance flat or worse, Club Med is looking to make China its second largest market after France. It plans to open five more resorts in China as soon as it can.

2 years ago

All-Inclusive Vacations Are Good for Everyone But Local Businesses

All-inclusive vacations may make things seem easier, but they lock visitors into one property and do an expert job at siphoning money to global hospitality groups rather than the destination itself.

3 years ago