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Minibar Vodka Is Cheaper Than Water and Peanuts In Most Hotels

Exchange rates drive some of the differences, but there's also the more clever cause -- hotels price vodka lower in an attempt to drive more sales in food and water.

2 years ago

Kentucky Wants to Claim Its Position as a Top Distillery Destination

Bourbon is a brand that destination marketers and tourists can get behind, but Kentucky has to do a better job at giving visitors an opportunity to indulge in the state's unique and beloved market.

3 years ago

Spanish Island Majorca Bans Public Drinking for Three Hours A Day

Claims that Majorca is banning drinking are wholly exaggerated with an early morning ban on drinking in public places likely to have little impact and the promise of a 24-hour ban likely to fall through.

3 years ago

Egypt: booze and bikinis are welcome, nevermind the Salafis

The Egyptian tourism minister says he’ll prove Egypt is safe to visit by streaming live video of major resorts on billboards in New York and Paris; a plan that could sorely backfire depending on what's caught on tape.

3 years ago

India’s party capital Goa puts the breaks on beach boozing to cut down on litter

Don't worry party fiends, there are still plenty of places to get a drink. Goa just wants you to keep the place clean.

3 years ago

Vermont can have its beer and drink it too: Local breweries spark tourism boom

Whether it’s meat, beer, or cheer, destinations are wise to find their niche and market it in order to claim several of the millions of food tourists now traversing the globe in search of local cuisine.

3 years ago

Alcohol bans in Egypt trigger concerns throughout depressed tourism industry

The industries of several Muslim countries including Turkey and the Maldives grapple with the threat of an alcohol ban, but they tend to realize that giving visitors and nationals the choice to imbibe or not goes hand-in-hand with a stronger economy.

4 years ago

A brief history of drunk pilots: It’s refreshingly briefer than you think

Inebriated pilots are few and far between and the lack of commercial airline fatalities due to a sloshed captain point once again to the safety of the skies.

4 years ago

Airlines get passengers liquored up to take the edge off cramped seats and long lines

This is one ancillary fee that passengers are not complaining about as flyers imbibe to forget about their growing list of air travel gripes.

4 years ago

Party at sea: Why every cruise line will soon have an “all-you-can-drink” alcohol policy

Norwegian is the fourth cruise line to test the packages, meaning its only a matter of time before the partiers don’t choose an operator based on the presence of a package, but its prices and options.

4 years ago