Will Low-Cost Airlines Benefit From a Brexit-Induced Corporate Travel Slowdown?

If the UK economy moves into recession, companies will look to slash their corporate travel budget. Full service carriers like British Airways are likely to take the bigger hit, which could benefit low-cost airlines like easyJet.

Finnair Is The Latest Airline to Suffer From Waning Demand

FInnair is still on course for capacity growth but, like other airlines, it is feeling the effects of a tough operating environment.

To Improve Foundational Customer Experience, Airlines Should Look To Operations

Even as airlines work to streamline the airport journey, provide more personalized offers, and deliver memorable in-flight experiences, there's still room for major improvement on the most important part of the airline customer experience – getting passengers to their destination on time.

Gol Continues to Feel Pressure From Brazil’s Air Travel Slump

As Brazil's economy continues to struggle so too does Gol. It's hard to see the airline turning things around until business and tourist demand starts to rise.

Travel Industry a Beneficiary of ‘Seismic’ Shift in Consumer Spending

There are innumerable factors that impact the health of the travel industry but the latest U.S. government numbers on retail spending lead to the conclusion that consumer spending habits are changing. There is a shift in emphasis from purchasing consumer goods toward buying services such as travel. That's a classic tailwind and a very healthy trend indeed for the gamut of leisure-travel businesses.

Delta Identifies Fire and Disconnected Servers as Cause of System Failure

From the beginning it didn't make sense that Delta's backup systems didn't fully activate but now Delta admits it found out after the fire that about 300 servers weren't connected to the backup power. Connecting them might have avoided the millions of dollars in adverse impact and the thousands of delays and cancelled flights.

Global Demand for Air Travel Slows as Passengers Fear Uncertainty

Yes, revenue is down, but most of the world's largest airlines are still making plenty of money. That should remain true unless oil prices spike.

What Airline and Hotel Executives Say About Corporate Travel This Quarter

With the Brexit vote just behind us and U.S. elections looming, some form of stability — eventually — will be a welcome change of pace for companies that cater to corporate travelers.

How Turkish Air Will Recover After Airport Attacks and Coup Plot

Turkish Airlines has had a terrible month, but the airline could bounce back faster than some passengers might expect.

Chicago O’Hare Airport Gets a Badly Needed Upgrade — Skift Business Traveler

The planning for the expansion of the international terminal at Chicago O'Hare isn't slated to be completed before 2017 but at least change is under way.