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American and United Aren’t Yet Ready to Compete With Spirit Air on Price

It's a short reprieve, but this is good news for travelers. For the next couple of months, they can buy the cheapest tickets on American and United and still get all the perks that the airlines offer to customers who buy pricier tickets.

4 days ago

Norwegian Air Has Its Best Quarterly Results Ever

Norwegian continues to succeed where other airlines had failed before. It's fuel-efficient fleet and strong cost controls mean that it is making low-cost long-haul flying a reality.

5 days ago

Monarch’s Flights Will Soon Lose Protection From UK Licensing Scheme

Monarch had been brought into the Civil Aviation Authority’s ATOL scheme following its near collapse in 2014. Although on the surface its departure might look worrying, it is actually reassuring that it is now able to start behaving like other airlines.

6 days ago

6 Highlights From the DOT’s New Passenger-Friendly Airline Guidelines

Some consumer protections are better than no consumer protections. But the steps outlined this week by the Obama Administration are relatively minor. They won't do much to change the travel experience.

7 days ago


The Evolution of Airline Revenue Management

Airlines need to incorporate a next-generation revenue management solution that goes above and beyond just the management of seat revenue. Success in today’s industry requires a solution that incorporates advanced technology that is robust and provides airlines with more accurate, real-time information in an easy-to-consume and interpret format.

1 week ago

FAA Bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 From All Airplanes, Threatening Criminal Charges for Non-Compliance

This will be a tough rule to enforce, but the U.S. government probably made the right call. Why take the risk of having a fire on an airplane, especially for a phone Samsung has recalled?

2 weeks ago

Airline and Operator Monarch Gets Life-Saving Investment From Major Stakeholder

Monarch’s immediate future may have been secure but its already fragile reputation has taken another hit. The proof of its viability as an airline and tour operator will be when it starts to produce profits on a regular basis.

2 weeks ago

This Is Why Long-Haul Coach Class Has Hardly Changed in Five Decades

Feel free to read as many articles as you want about new coach concept seats. But let's be honest: The coach configuration on most planes hasn't changed in decades, and it's probably not going to change any time soon.

2 weeks ago

Investors Fret as European Airlines Lower Their Fares

It is possible to imagine things getting worse. If the cost of fuel rises unexpectedly, which, while not likely, is always possible, Europe's airlines will be in much more dire shape. Airlines may have gotten into this position because of cheap fuel, but that does not mean expensive fuel is the answer to getting out of it.

3 weeks ago

EasyJet Blames External Shocks For First Profit Slump Since 2009

Like many airlines, EasyJet has endured a traumatic 2016 with myriad external issues affecting the company. CEO Carolyn McCall will be hoping next year brings less turbulence.

3 weeks ago

TUI Tries to Solve Problems at Its German Airline With Air Berlin Tourism Merger

TUI's German airline has been suffering from over-capacity and high costs for a number of years. This latest attempt at a solution needs the backing of its workforce if it is going to succeed.

3 weeks ago

UK Tour Operator and Airline Monarch Given a Lifeline by Regulators

Monarch’s history of financial struggles means that this isn’t likely to be the end of the saga. The company is talking about new investment but until this goes through, questions will continue to be asked about the company’s future.

4 weeks ago