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Routehappy CEO: Airlines, Like Coffee, Are Not a Commodity Business

The old joke in the airline business is travelers choose their flight based on three factors — price, price and price. But maybe that's not as true as some people thought.

6 hours ago

New UN Pollution Guidelines Could Cost Airlines $24 Billion, but Many are on Board

The guidelines being proposed are not as stringent as they could be, and airlines with enough cash to pay for offsets hardly will be affected. Still, this is a good start.

1 day ago

Can the New CEO of Air France-KLM Help the Airline Group Soar Again?

Some investors are betting on a turnaround at Air France-KLM but with the airline facing both external and internal headwinds, it looks like it is going to be an uphill struggle.

2 weeks ago

Airlines Review FAA Warning About Samsung Galaxy Note Phones

Singapore Airlines and Qantas were quick to take steps to warn passengers about charging their Samsung Note 7 phones in-flight while some U.S. airlines were still mulling what to do after the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration issued a warning. An abundance of caution should be the guiding principle here.

3 weeks ago

Radiologist Offers App for In-flight Medical Emergencies

During in-flight emergencies, it isn't only the passengers and crew that need help -- medical personnel need some guidelines, too, and that's where the airRx app comes in.

3 weeks ago

British Airways Hit by Another IT Glitch

British Airways' latest problem doesn't look to be quite as bad as Delta's recent outage. Still, it could end up hurting its reputation as well as its finances.

3 weeks ago

La Compagnie Blames Brexit for London Route Suspension

Brexit is a fig leaf that can be used to cover up pretty much anything. Would the carrier be halting the service if it had been a runaway success?

3 weeks ago

United’s New President Shows Why Airlines Hire Insiders as Senior Executives

Airlines prefer not to take risks with most of their senior hires, which makes sense, because the industry is more complicated than most.

4 weeks ago

Travel Buyers Don’t Really Care About Keeping Flyers Comfortable

It's no surprise that travel buyers want to save money for their company. But they also need to realize that uncomfortable or inconvenienced flyers are going to spend extra on seat upgrades, Wi-Fi, meals, and more.

4 weeks ago

Ryanair Boss Explains Just Why Brexit Will Be So Difficult

The European Union revolutionised the airline industry in Europe, helping to foster the boom in cheap flights by creating a single market and doing away with bilateral agreements. How the UK extricates itself from this will be just one area to keep an eye on in the coming negotiations.

4 weeks ago

U.S. Airline Pilots Face Ever-Present Random Testing for Alcohol

Pilots rarely fly under the influence of alcohol, but when they do, it often makes the news. That makes these incidents seem more common than they are.

4 weeks ago

The UN’s Aviation Arm Is Trying to Regulate Airline Emissions

With airlines already responsible for 2 percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, it is time for the industry take action to support the environment.

4 weeks ago