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Air France-KLM to Try a Different Way to Transform Its Airlines

Not a terrible idea, considering the utter failure of the last transformation. Actually executing on the plan will be another matter.

2 months ago

As Demand Lags, Air France Warns of ‘Deteriorating Environment’

Expect fares to fall on Air France, which will need to do everything it can in the short term to fill its seats.

3 months ago

The Dutch Half of Air France-KLM Isn’t Happy With the French Half

It's not necessarily a matter of labor issues. The KLM unit wants to be innovative and is innovative. Outside of a really nice new business class product Air France seems bankrupt of good ideas. And it has poisonous labor issues.

4 months ago

Etihad Airways CEO Hogan to Head Wider Group in Management Revamp

With Etihad's equity and codeshare partners contributing $1.4 billion in sales last year as their roles are growing, Etihad had to put in place a new structure to effectively manage a growing business.

6 months ago

Air France-KLM Announces Its New CEO and Chairman

Former rail exec coming in to save a troubled old-school airline? Where have we seen that before?

6 months ago

Emirates Exec Says He Turned Down Air France-KLM CEO Job

The groups likely needs a Willie Walsh type. Too bad there are very few Willies out there.

6 months ago

Air France-KLM CEO Leaving to Take CEO Role at IATA

We hope Juniac is able to stay apolitical when it comes to dealing with the growth of Gulf and low-cost carriers.

7 months ago

Air France CEO: Benefits of Cheap Fuel Threatened by Political Instability

Air France is also under threat from its own management missteps and inability to sort its labor relations.

9 months ago

British Airways Parent Edges Past Lufthansa to Become Europe’s Second Largest Carrier

British Airways is the only legacy carrier in Europe that seems to have a handle on the unique challenges they are facing.

10 months ago

Air France-KLM Is Looking Weaker Headed Into 2016

The only thing inspiring about Air France-KLM this year is the French carrier's U.S. ad campaign.

10 months ago

EU Transport Chief Wants to Level the Playing Field With Gulf Carriers

European carriers are facing a bigger challenge from the Gulf airlines than their U.S. counterparts while they also grapple with massive labor conflicts and an air traffic control system that's in shambles.

11 months ago

Kenya Rethinking Air France/KLM Partnership in Kenya Airways

Air France/KLM can't seem to catch a break this year.

1 year ago