TripAdvisor and Industry Groups Are Optimistic About Europe, Despite Travel Alert

Only a small percentage of Americans generally travel to Europe anyway and many will undoubtedly opt for vacations closer to home. Still, travel usually recovers a few months after a major incident unless disruptions become persistent, which is the fear.

Airline Industry Group Predicts Record U.S. Passenger Numbers This Spring

As long as you don't need ample leg room, it's not a bad time to be a passenger right now.

Airlines’ Answer to Holiday Frenzy Is More Flights, Bigger Planes

U.S. airline math means adding 700 flights per day in the week before Christmas and cutting about 5,000 per day on Christmas Eve and December 25. The great unknown in the equation is whether the weather will cooperate.

Delta Air Lines Splits With With Industry Group Over Policy Differences

Delta specializes in doing things its own way, and it rarely needs help to make this happen.

The Billions of Dollars Driving a Wedge Between U.S. Airlines and Airports

Improvements to aviation infrastructure are necessary if the U.S. plans to stay at the lead. It's simply a matter of who will pay.

The Battle Over Open Skies Forces U.S. Tourism Industry to Choose Sides

Ensuring adequate competition in airports large and small gives those airports more negotiating power against the big three national carriers, and could ensure adequate infrastructure for more visitors from abroad to spend their travel dollars in the US. This last is, after all, the mandate of organizations like the US Travel Association.

U.S. Travelers Don’t Mind Fees, It’s the Lines and Delays They Hate

Airlines and their lobbying group Airlines for America are obsessed with disclosing all the fees except their own. This is just another validation that travelers care more about their efficiency.

Airline Lobbying Group Forecasts Strong Summer Season in U.S.

Cheap fuel and international travelers with money to spend will mean good things to U.S. airlines. But we are waiting to hear what United's excuses will be at the end of the quarter.

Record Number of Americans Will Fly Overseas This Spring, Predicts Trade Group

The prediction is based on U.S. airlines' growing profits and the country's slowly stabilizing economy, but record numbers will reflect a larger, more global trend in which international travel is becoming more accessible due to rising incomes and market competition.

Airlines For America Hits Roadblock on National Airline Policy

Airlines for America confronts obstinance in Congress, which continues to view airlines and passengers as tax revenue.