Airlines and Airports Look Beyond the Industry to Improve Digital Retail

Airlines and airports need to leverage data assets and embrace technological improvements with greater speed, if they are to keep up with other digital consumer services. The word "silos" came up again in discussions on managing airline and airport data exchange, and that word comes up too often.

Customer Experience Is the New Customer Service

Customer experience requires deeper thinking about the guest or passenger, which is why when it's done right it makes such a strong impression.

The Future of Airplane Seat Reclining or Not

The really good news is that, while Premium passengers drive profits, Economy passengers are growing. That passenger growth can lead to positive changes in future Economy cabin design.

Passengers Don’t Make Rational Judgments, Which is Good News for Branding Experts

Traditional full-service airlines are an endangered species in the skies, and have been for decades, as industry consolidation proves. But a passenger perception gap still threatens the business. The legacy airlines remaining must focus on better brand definition to improve passenger satisfaction, if they are to survive.

How to Solve Hate Selling in Travel in 4 Simple Steps

Fees aren't all bad, but all fees can be made to seem bad by poor positioning, communication, and presentation.

Icelandair’s New In-Flight Wi-Fi Study Is a Thing of Beauty

Yes, it’s a gently skewed sales tool for Icelandair. Of course, it is! But it’s still gorgeous. We hope it will inspire other airlines to go make a better one. They can start right now.

6 Insights From Vueling’s CEO on Running the Contrarian Low-Cost Carrier

Vueling has pushed the technology envelope in the airline industry, benefiting not only its European customers but airline passengers around the world. That it's not done innovating yet is a very exciting thing for tomorrow's passenger experience.

Ryanair CMO Is Looking to Tinder for Digital Inspiration

Jacobs' enthusiasm for digital is that of the recently converted. Considering the very basic functionality of Ryanair's website and apps in the past, and hearing hints of what is in store for the upcoming launch, it will be a significant leap forward for the airline.

Technology Giving Growing Asian Airports an Edge Over Older Rivals

Technology promises to improve the passenger experience around the world, with projects ongoing in every region, but dramatic growth in Asia makes it the perfect testing ground for cutting-edge programs.

KLM’s New App Wants to Know You Better Than You Know Yourself

Some suggest there are too many airline and airport apps. Maybe yes. But with its easy bookings functionality, this new KLM app is a keeper.