Calculating the Cost of a Better Airline Cabin for All

What would you pay for extra legroom? Seriously. Be Honest. Airlines are standing by to take your calls.

9 months ago

Video: Experience Design and Behavior Science in Travel

The joy of a journey partially comes through the anticipation of what will happen and travel brands have a real opportunity to connect deeper with customers by tapping into this.

10 months ago

Virgin Australia’s Convertible Check-In Desks Do Both DIY and Full-Service

Self-service is the future, but not everyone is ready for that. Having systems that can switch back and forth between full-service and self-service is a very smart solution.

10 months ago

10 Air Travel Advances That Will Make Flying Better in 2016

Looking back on a year’s worth of news in aviation paints a picture of an industry that is eager to innovate for the future. Now that airlines are more profitable, they can afford to be more ambitious with their passenger experience improvement programs. Let’s hope the industry continues rising, and moving closer to a better future of flight in 2016 and beyond.

10 months ago

Happy Passengers May Make a Difference to Airline Performance After All

The point IATA makes is that airlines do benefit from and are interested in having happy customers. Schaaf says that proof of the pudding is in the airlines which pay good money to buy this report from the Association.

10 months ago

Consolidation in Seamless Travel World as SITA Buys Bag Drop Tech

Baggage drop systems complement today's self-serve travel process. Passengers increasingly using early check-in via the airline app, or avoiding the queue at the check-in desk. But having your electronic boarding pass ready on your smartphone when you get to the terminal loses its convenience if you have to wait in line for the check-in desk, just to drop off your bag.

10 months ago

Emirates Tears Out In-Flight Entertainment Screens in Favor of Larger Ones

This isn’t about the industry’s largest seat-back screens or more content than you can consume on 100 trips around the world. It’s about personalization. Giving passengers what they value most is the new brand loyalty builder. The key for airlines, which serve global markets, is to understand that what passengers value most differs by region, by demographic, and from individual to individual. Airlines either get that, or passengers will deplane and never come back again.

10 months ago

We Are Entering the Golden Age of Smarter Airline Seat Design

Airlines and designers have the materials they need to make better seats and the competition that will drive them to do so.

11 months ago

Airlines Can Profit from Being Smart, But Being Smarter Can Help Them Own the Journey

Whether it’s airlines which capitalise on artificial intelligence capabilities, or another sector of the travel industry, smart queries and solutions-oriented replies are the next logical step for the future of everything.

11 months ago

The Long, Slow Decline of the First-Class Flying Experience

As more and more of the world is traveling by aircraft, we are at the beginning of a wholesale reinvention of flying. We just haven't seen the benefits yet.

11 months ago

Airlines and Airports Look Beyond the Industry to Improve Digital Retail

Airlines and airports need to leverage data assets and embrace technological improvements with greater speed, if they are to keep up with other digital consumer services. The word "silos" came up again in discussions on managing airline and airport data exchange, and that word comes up too often.

11 months ago

Customer Experience Is the New Customer Service

Customer experience requires deeper thinking about the guest or passenger, which is why when it's done right it makes such a strong impression.

11 months ago