How Smart Airport Design Can Make Spaces More Secure

Smarter airport security in the U.S. is a challenge because of all the competing interests that want to make passengers safe, but also want the other guy to foot the bill.

3 Ways of Rethinking the Premium Airport Lounge

Airlines are redefining loyalty on all fronts, from the way consumers collect miles or points to what that collection grants them access to before they even get on the plane.

New Skift Trends Report: The Rise of Lifestyle Branding in Travel in 2016

As more travel companies look to redefine their offerings around the lifestyle brand concept, often with limited resources to do so, what strategies will they use to grow and thrive?

The Business Class Seat That Remembers Passengers Is Here

It’s no surprise that the group which partnered to design the new Waterfront Business class seat chose to first reveal the product at CES 2016. Not only is it a Panasonic product, in collaboration with B/E Aerospace, Formation Design and Teague, but it was also designed to fit the new hyper-connected business traveler.

This New Blended Cabin Could Introduce the World’s First Lay-Flat Premium Economy Seat

Formation Design’s blended cabin is part of a new trend of designers proposing that airlines think beyond tradition cabin class marketing. The notion of a lay-flat Premium Economy is exciting. If Henshaw feels measured optimism that airlines could take the next big leap forward—we’ll join him in that optimism. (We’ll still take tiny breaths until it happens, though. We wouldn’t want to pass out while we wait.)

The Designers That Have Mastered the Better First-Class Cabin

The race to build up Business class has pushed both the back and the front of the aircraft in new directions. We expect to see dramatic changes to both ends of the aircraft soon. Some nicer than others.

Hotels Shrink Desks and Closets in Attempt to Modernize Room Design

We just want some well-placed plugs on the nightstand.

Skift Travel Megatrend for 2016: The Rise of Fast Casual Design

Consumers like the simplicity of à la carte and only paying for the things that demonstrate clear value. Let’s get rid of the clutter.

JetBlue Updates Fleet With New Interiors and More In-Flight Connectivity

With JetBlue's 16th birthday coming up, and competition tight in the U.S. airspace, the timing of this refresh is ideal. The introduction of a new fully-connected in-flight entertainment system is nothing less than what we've grown to expect from forward-thinking JetBlue.

Crystal Cabin Award Shortlist Reveals Top 7 Airline Trends

It’s no surprise that many of this year’s Crystal Cabin nominees focus on innovations which reduce weight and redistribute space, but innovations and improvements are always welcome onboard.