The Travel Brands That Are Taking Advantage of APIs — Digital Marketing News

As companies as wide-ranging as the railroad industry to Facebook have realized, if you control the infrastructure other companies need to deliver their products, you win. As many travel brands now realize, APIs are that infrastructure for the internet.

Marriott and Trivago Sign on to New Ad Product for Facebook and Instagram

Travel brands have been chomping at the bit for a "book now" button in Instagram. With this new ad product, they're one step closer to finding out a real ROI from the Instagram strategies.

The Rise and Fall of Porter Airlines — Digital Marketing News This Week

Fliers consistently rave about the perks and convenience of airlines like Porter. But the sad truth is that more powerful industry competitors and government regulators can make or break the success of upstarts, simply by denying access to key airports or limiting their growth.

The Battle for the Digital Wallet and More Digital Marketing News This Week

Digital payments are big business. It's not just a question of how travelers spend. It's about the market power that comes from knowing how they spend, and other companies' access to that information.

Airbnb’s Local Commerce Moves and More Digital Marketing News This Week

Airbnb's new user-generated city guides feature suggests the company has aspirations that extend well beyond the hospitality and accommodations-sharing sector. Companies like Yelp and TripAdvisor are likely watching this new move with interest.

Luxury Travel’s New Normal and More Digital Marketing News This Week

Luxury travel marketing is at an interesting crossroads, as consumers' attitudes and spending adjusts to more uncertain times. Will luxury marketers' shift towards experiences over "things" be enough to ride out the downturn?

Travel Oregon Begins Advertising and Content Marketing on The Onion

While we like the idea of seeing a travel brand try a new publisher, we're nervous on behalf of Travel Oregon about the sponsored content element. Fingers crossed.

Booking.com Hopes Two Engaged Comedians Can Give It a Shatner-Like Kick

On one hand this could help raise Booking.com's profile in the U.S., which is so much lower than it deserves to be. On the other, a wedding is really when most people should turn to a travel agent (trust us: personal experience).

Rhode Island’s Branding Woes and More Digital Marketing News This Week

Without the added dose of Internet outrage, would Rhode Island's new tourism campaign have been as negatively received? These days Destination marketing is as much about appealing to online audiences as it is about reaching potential visitors.

Rhode Island Tourism Chief Resigns Over Botched Campaign Debut

The response to the rollout demonstrated the sad state of Rhode Island's leadership. Side note: We like the new logo.