TripAdvisor Buys European Vacation Rental Site HouseTrip

TripAdvisor, Expedia, and other big booking brands will never have the buzz that Airbnb commands, but they do have the consumers. Whether or not they can get them interested in their urban products is another matter.

AccorHotels’ Acquisition of Fairmont, Raffles, Swissotel Brands Clears Antitrust Regulations

AccorHotels is now one step closer to purchasing the Fairmont, Raffles, and Swissotel brands for $2.9 billion.

What’s Next for Cvent and Meetings Following Its $1.65 Billion Acquisition?

The future of Cvent is going to focus on international, multilingual expansion and new digital tools to integrate event management and brand marketing.

Troubled Airline Seat Manufacturer Zodiac May Be Looking for a Buyer

Buying Zodiac would be akin to buying a house without an inspection: It may turn out OK, but you won't know until you move in.

Lufthansa Looks at SAS in Move to Accelerate Airline Consolidation in Europe

Lufthansa's CEO on airline consolidation in Europe: “So we are speaking with everyone, and everyone is speaking to us.” Enough said.

BCD Travel’s Parent Company Says It’s Ready to Make a ‘Sizable’ Deal

BCD doesn't go for flat deals or high-profile investments. It's happy to go for the long-haul deal that will simply be profitable.

Cvent Bought for $1.65 Billion by Private Equity Firm

For a small cap company to stay public and innovate on technology or make investments is a challenge. A private equity buyer isn't a bad solution.

JetBlue Exec: Virgin America Was a Nice-To Have But Not Worth $2.6 Billion

JetBlue management is obviously upset that it couldn't consummate the deal with Virgin America because of the key importance of transcontinental expansion. But JetBlue didn't want a merger at any price and now it is going to play hardball in trying to steal away Virgin America's potentially alienated customers.

Marriott and Starwood Shareholders Approve Merger To Become World’s Largest Hotel Company

Anbang, who? We thought this day might never come, but here we are: Marriott and Starwood are now just a few months away from becoming the world's largest hotel company.

Bill Marriott Says ‘We Were Done’ if Anbang Had Made Another Starwood Bid

We can only imagine what Anbang and its investor group, as well as Starwood, must be thinking right now.