Skift’s Big List of Travel Lists From The World Over, 2013 Edition

For the travel lists and data nerd in you...go overdose on them.

2 years ago

Weekly Top 10 Stats From Our New SkiftStats Data Feed

For the travel data nerd in you, these daily stats and weekly roundup of stats....

3 years ago

The Trends That Are Driving 2014’s ‘Top Travel Destinations’ Lists

Are anniversaries and events over-stressed on these lists? It’s refreshing not to see Brazil, in its World Cup, an automatic inclusion of all lists – even if it’s an understandable entry. But would anyone plan a trip to Cape Town just because it’s the World Design Capital?

3 years ago

10 Most Desired Wedding and Honeymoon Destinations of 2013

One trend is clear: Beaches are the most desired destination among newlyweds. It would interesting to find how many of these searches translate into bookings and how many U.S. users search for Bali and end up in Boca.

3 years ago

The World’s Top Travel Companies Ranked by R&D Investment

Outside of aerospace and aviation, interesting to see a few consumer travel brands pop up, and we would be keen to know the results of that R&D investment from the likes of Expedia, Homeaway, Ctrip and others on the list. Other interesting related question: would venture investment funds qualify as R&D spend?

3 years ago

SkiftIQ: Competitive Intelligence Dashboards for Smart Travel Marketers

SkiftIQ: The dashboard for smart travel marketers in a digital world.

3 years ago

Americans Fail To Take More Than Half Billion Available Vacations Days

Besides the health issues involved with overwork, the U.S. tourism economy could benefit a lot more if Americans could take more vacations.

3 years ago

Top 25 Online Booking Sites in Travel for October 2013

3 years ago

Frontier Tops List of Best Domestic Airlines in the U.S.

Airfarewatchdog's list does a good job comparing airlines that are usually not lumped in together to demonstrate what's working in the air right now.

3 years ago

The Most Common Types of Passenger Misconduct on U.S. Airlines

With the U.S. airline seat occupancy at a record high and the airport and flying experience being what it is these days, these incidents are only on the rise, and flight crew is the first line of defense.

3 years ago

Why Consumers Like Travel Brands That Keep Things Simple

The rankings are a pleasant reminder that price doesn't buy favor, but price can definitely put you on the bottom. Just ask Ryanair.

3 years ago

The Best Hotel Social Media Campaigns of 2013

Lots of innovation in social media going on in hotel industry and lots of cross learnings to be had by highlighting the best.

3 years ago