Monocle’s New Quality of Life Top 25 Cities Survey: Tokyo Is Tops Again

Monocle's list never rewards destinations that splash out on grand gestures. It looks to places that think out development for tourism and locals alike in a way that's sustainable for the long term, not for what's cool right now.

4 months ago

How the World’s 30 Best Airline Brands Ranked With Consumers This Year

Where is airline brand fancy bred? In the heart and in the head.

10 months ago

Hawaiian Town Deals With Downside of Dr. Beach’s Number 1 Ranking

You can't have booming tourism and a small-town feel without something breaking.

1 year ago

The Trouble With Branding: Is It a Lifestyle Hotel or a Condom Brand?

Our minds aren't in the gutter. We just think a name should mean something. Hotels and their consultants have become so focus-group centric that they are coming up with lazy names.

2 years ago

From Freddies to Skytrax: Making Sense of Airline and Airport Awards

The ultimate reward of awards is good press for the winners. But aiming for the prize--any prize--helps spur on airlines and airports to make air travel better. That has to be a good thing.

2 years ago

The World’s Best Major Airlines for the Economy Long-Haul Experience

No doubt certain airlines and passengers will have something to say on how we could have made this rating system better, but we feel it’s a good start. Operators are standing by to take your calls with comments, but they don’t work for us and they may have no idea what you’re talking about.

2 years ago

The Skift Pick: Here’s the One Place to Visit in 2015

For the progressive traveler of today looking for a more immersive experience and who wants to pack in a lot of diverse experiences in a week or two, here's our one pick for 2015: the small kingdom of Oman.

2 years ago

The 8 Best Bad Ideas in Air Travel for 2014

Bad ideas aren’t all bad. Sometimes they lead to better solutions.

2 years ago

Travel Habits of Americans: Only 13 Percent Traveled Abroad for Holidays in Last Year

The international travel habits of Americans remain anemic, but a positive way of looking at it: There is still a lot of potential for growth in America, and international destinations can do a lot more to incent Americans to travel.

2 years ago

The World’s 15 Largest Travel Companies of 2014

A half dozen travel companies, including Southwest, Delta, United Continental, Wynn Resorts, Marriott and the Priceline Group have seen fairly massive -- more than 50% gains -- in their market caps compared with this time last year, as the big keep getting bigger. Hotels dominate the world's 15 largest publicly traded travel companies.

2 years ago

Etihad Leaves SkyTrax After Expressing Doubts About Its Ratings System

There's been grumbling about the quality of Skytrax's ratings before, but this is the first time an airline has turned openly hostile against the consultancy.

2 years ago

J.D. Power Study Says U.S. Airline Passengers Are Less Dissatisfied Than Ever

Sometimes the only direction you can go is up.

2 years ago