Skift Trends Reports Terms of Service

Last updated: February 7, 2014

1. Licenses

A Single-Use License subscriber may access and open as many Trends Reports documents as long as the documents are for their personal use. Subscribers may print one copy of any individual Skift Trends Report document for personal use. Distribution to audiences inside or outside the company or organization are not permitted. Subscribers may not post or otherwise mass distribute Skift Trends documents (e.g. via hard copy, email, and/or posting on intranet, company bulletin boards or other information storage and retrieval systems).

Identical to Single-Use Licenses but applicable to more than one subscriber in a company or organization as defined by an agreement with Skift. For more information, contact us at

A prepaid licensing program defined by an agreement with Skift that provides an entire company or organization access to Skift Trends Reports documents. Distribution to audiences inside the company or organization is permitted. Distribution to audiences outside the company or organization is not permitted. For more information, contact us at

2. Copyright

Subscribers acknowledge that the contents of the Skift Trends Reports are copyrighted by Skift and that neither Subscribers nor their employers where applicable hereby obtain rights whatsoever in the same. Except as described above, Subscribers shall not directly or indirectly reproduce, download or otherwise distribute (in print, electronic, or intranet format) material appearing on the site without prior written permission from Skift.

3. Questions & Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about Skift Trends Reports, or these Terms, you may contact Skift via email at or write to us at:

Skift, Inc.
115 West 30th Street, Suite 1213
New York, NY 10001