Skift Forum FAQs


Is there on-site registration?
We are sorry but as we are sold out, there are no on-site registrations.

We will do swaps at the speaker registration table. You will need your business card, government-issued photo ID and their colleague’s badge from main registration, if possible.

What does an attendee need to get their badge?
Government-issued photo ID or a business card

Where are the bathrooms?
Downstairs via the steps or elevator: From the front steps turn the corner; from the back stairs straight.

Where is the elevator?
Right next to the New York Cruise Lines booth (Gallery area, across from registration).

Where do I get lunch?
Lunch is downstairs one level in the Hall.

Where can I find coffee?
There will be coffee breaks at 10:10am and 3:25pm.
There is also a Dean & Deluca on 8th Ave & 40th St.

What time is the day over?
The Program ends at 5:45pm, and the reception in the lobby lasts until 6:45pm.

Will the presentations be available after the event?
Over the next few weeks, we will post these on, and will also send an update in email to all the attendees when all are posted.

Will you be posting videos of the talks online?
Over the next few weeks, we will post these on, and will also send an update in email to all the attendees when all are posted.

How do I get attendee list?
We are not providing list, but mobile app has all the people attending and you can contact them through the app.

How do I download the mobile app?
Here’s how:

Download the Bizzabo app from Apple or Android app store.

Search for “Skift Forum” in Bizzabo app.

Join the Skift Forum event on Bizzabo (passcode: 1213)

What’s the Forum hashtag for social media and Skift’s Twitter handle?
# SkiftForum and @Skift

What’s the Forum Wi-Fi?
Step 1:


Step 2:
In a browser window, open splash page

How can I email your CEO/Founders?
Email Rafat Ali, CEO,

How can I tell you about a story I think you’ll like?
Email Jason Clampet, Head of Content,

Who can help me with sponsored content, event sponsorship, or ads on Skift?
Email Anthony Derico, VP of Sales,

Who can tell me more about SkiftIQ?
Email Joyce Manalo, data analyst,

When will you do this next year?
We are planning a multi-day affair in early October 2015. The destination and venue has not been finalized. Email CEO Rafat Ali, if you want to know:

What does “Skift” mean?
Skift means “shift” or “change” or “transformation” in Nordic languages. Skift, as a company, is about that transformation, that shift into the future of travel, and we are the information and intelligence brand at the center of it. Skift is defining the future of travel.