SilverRail Technologies CEO Says Travel Needs Seamless Booking Tools

The state of travel bookings is already complex and it's only going to get worse, says SilverRail CEO Aaron Gowell. To keep up, the industry needs a more comprehensive booking system.

2 days ago

Google Exec Says Master Plan in Travel Is More Connector Than Booker

Google says it wants to provide users with the best answers and connect them to online travel agencies, airlines, and hotels. But Google could also provide greater booking functionality one day soon.

2 days ago

Points Gurus Agree: Elite Frequent Flyers Are Disenchanted With Program Changes

The Points Guy founder Brian Kelly and Airfare Watchdog founder George Hobica agree that the value of loyalty programs is eroding. But around the edges, there's still plenty of value to be found.

3 days ago

Skift Global Forum Day One: What to Expect

Don't binge on day one! Pace yourself to be ready for day two also.

3 days ago

Starwood and Marriott Finally Merge — Skift Business Traveler

Loyalty members at Marriott and Starwood were in for a surprise last Friday when the hotels announced that it was possible to link the programs. Each group now has nearly double the volume of bookable hotels and partner programs with which they can use their points.

4 days ago

Skift Global Forum Live Video Feed: How to Watch

If you can't be there in person, you can at least tune into our live feed of the days' events.

4 days ago

And Here’s the New New Skift

This is our new visual language: bold, opinionated, informal and unapologetic.

1 week ago

Skift Global Forum Preview: SilverRail Founder on the Future of Smarter Transportation

At the moment, travelling anywhere mostly requires the use of multiple companies on multiple apps, but what if there was another way? Every part of a potential journey is now connected up to the Web so the next logical step is to bring all these steps together in one place.

1 week ago

Another Player Enters the In-Flight Wi-Fi Game — Skift Business Traveler

Does the airline industry even need another in-flight Wi-Fi provider? French aircraft company Thales thinks so. And if its entry into the market helps drive costs down and speeds up service, we're all for it.

2 weeks ago

Skift Global Forum 2016: The Complete Schedule

There isn't a slow moment the entire two days. Get ready for an inspiring two-day deep dive into the travel industry.

2 weeks ago

This Is Not a Freakin’ Trade Conference: Year Three

It is the best creative brainfood for the year. That is our promise to you with what we've created with not-an-industry-conference conference.

2 weeks ago

U.S. Airlines Tell Passengers to Turn Off Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phones — Skift Business Traveler

In airports across the U.S. this weekend, the calls to turn off Note 7s echoed through the terminals. Airlines are concerned about fires from faulty phone batteries while in flight, but it's still not clear whether passengers are taking the warning seriously.

3 weeks ago