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Over the last five years, Skift's Forums have become what media, speakers, and attendees have called the "TED talks of travel."

This is our fifth Forum — four in New York, one in London — and we are amazed at the reception we've received. Nearly 1,200 professionals from over 40 countries will be in attendance over two days. 30+ CEOs and industry leaders are speaking and over 550 companies will be represented!

Follow below to learn more about what's happening before, during, and after the Forum events.

Speakers Full Schedule

Lindblad CEO Wants Expedition Travel to Stay Niche

Tourism Australia Deploys Influencers to Overcome Long Flight Stereotype

Aman Exec Wants Luxury Travel to Be a Family Affair

Apple Leisure Group CEO Believes Vacations Are Much Better Than Virtual Reality

Los Angeles Tourism Sees Travel as a Buffer Against Climate Change

JetBlue’s Venture Arm Expects Blockchain to Be a Major Disruptor

Royal Caribbean Is Convinced It Has the Smarts to Woo Millennials

Wyndham CEO Believes Hotels Should Learn From Airbnb

Hilton CEO Expects to Push Direct Booking Forever

Priceline Group CEO Expects Mobile Payments to Catch On Like They Have in China

Airbnb Co-Founder Wants to Offer All Forms of Travel

Jordan Tourism Adjusts to Rapid Changes in Destination Marketing

Video: Apple Leisure Group CEO on the Appeal of Luxury All-Inclusive

TripAdvisor CEO Sees Mobile Leading to More In-Destination Engagement

Vacasa CEO on Why a Recession Could Be Good for His Business

Teague Works on a Design Fix to Cramped Middle Seats

La Quinta Is Making a Big Play for Business Travelers

Expedia CEO Doesn’t Worry About Airbnb Because There’s Always Room for Two

Video: Vacasa CEO on Competing in ‘A Ridiculously Fragmented’ Vacation Rental Sector

Video: Royal Caribbean CEO on Building Smarter Ships

Delta CEO Didn’t Expect 2017 to Be a Good Year for Travel

Video: Why Being Uncool Works for Wyndham

Video: Design Firm Teague Bets on Tech to Make Transportation Enjoyable

Video: Why CMOs Might Be the Most Influential People at Any Travel Brand

Marriott CEO Sees the Line Between Leisure and Business Travel Blurring

Video: IHG CEO on Where He’ll Break New Ground

Video: Aman Resorts Places Big Bet on City Hotels

Video: Marriott CEO Hopes Starwood Tie-In Will Be Done on Deal’s Second Anniversary

Video: Airbnb Co-Founder on Evolving to Be More Than Just a Travel Business

Video: Travel Investors on Why Booking Sites Still Have Plenty of Room for Growth

Video: Facebook Chief Creative Officer Thinks Virtual Reality Is a Low Priority

Alternative Accommodations Address Travelers’ Fears in an Age of Permanxiety

Video: Lindblad CEO on Cruising Despite Environmental Risks

Travel Warnings Create Global Worry Map For Anxious Tourists

Video: Skift CEO Argues the Travel Industry Can’t Disengage From the Turbulence Around It

How the Disenfranchised Navigate the World in a Time of Permanxiety

Video: Tourism Leaders on Planning to Avoid Overtourism

Travelers Get Candid About Their Struggles With Permanxiety

Video: TripAdvisor CEO Believes Company’s Performance Is On Track

Video: Expedia CEO on Blockchain and Competitive Threats

The Hassle of Flying in an Age of Permanxiety

The Meetings Industry Adjusts to Risk

Video: Hilton CEO on Why Hotels Will Never Stop Launching Brands

The Anxieties of a Muslim Traveler

Transparency Alleviates Anxiety in Restaurants

Video: Priceline CEO Glenn Fogel on How Artificial Intelligence Will Make Travel Seamless

What’s Worrying the Business Traveler

Video: Delta CEO Sees Basic Economy as Way to Show Passengers They Aren’t Getting Ripped Off

Looking at the World Through Anxious Eyes

Skift Global Forum 2017 On-Stage Videos Are Now Live

14 Apps to Calm Your Travel Mind

Social Media Scares Us About Airlines in an Age of Permanxiety

Hotels Try to Soothe Guest Concerns in an Age of Permanxiety

Travel CEOs Want a Frictionless Future — Skift Corporate Travel Innovation Report

Travel Startup Money Is Flowing But the Road to an Exit Is More Distant

Travel in an Age of Permanxiety: Download the New Magazine

IHG CEO Sees Better Tech as Making Things Smoother Behind the Scenes

Travel CMOs Weigh Keeping Brands on TV in a Digital Marketing World

Aman Hotels Can Deliver the Experiences and Adventure Millennials Crave

TripAdvisor CEO Responds to Analyst Critiques of Its Hotel Search Strategy

Airbnb Still Hopeful About China Despite Earlier Missteps

Delta to Introduce Free Texting Service on Most of Its Flights

Marriott CEO Addresses Anti-Muslim Hate Group Meeting Controversy

Expedia CEO Doesn’t Need Any Mergers But He’s Monitoring All Possibilities

Restaurateur Danny Meyer on Instagram, Postmates and Why Everyone Really Just Wants a Nice Meal

Why René Redzepi Needed to Close the Original Noma

Tourism Leaders Plot Strategy in an Age of Permanxiety

Lufthansa Finds Collecting Passenger Data Is Easier Than Actually Using It

Royal Caribbean CEO Thinks Hurricane Recovery Will Happen More Quickly Than Expected

Priceline Group CEO Sees No Big Investments in Blockchain for Now

Hilton CEO Outlines Plans For ‘Hostel on Steroids’

How to Watch Skift Global Forum Sept. 26-27, 2017

Travel in an Age of Permanxiety: An Introduction

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This Is Not a Freakin’ Trade Conference: Year Four

Skift Global Forum Opening Event Venue Revealed

Skift Global Forum 2017: Facebook, Delta and More Big Brands

Skift Global Forum 2017: Hear From Marriott, Airbnb and the Biggest Names in Hospitality

Skift Global Forum 2017: Learn From Online Travel’s Most Influential CEOs

Companies Attending Skift Global Forum

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