Skift Global Forum 2016

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Skift Global Forum is the largest creative business forum in the global travel industry.

Follow the news being made at the conference and watch live video of speakers, discussions, and more.

Speakers Full Schedule

Skift Podcast: How Travel Companies Can Win the Hearts of Supertravelers

Skift Backstage Podcast: SXSW and Superfly Pros on Making Events Better

Skift Backstage Podcast: Google Travel VP on the Power of Virtual and Augmented Reality

Skift Backstage Podcast: CEO on Taking a Mobile-First Approach

Skift Backstage Podcast: Lola CEO on Why Messaging Matters

Skift Backstage Podcast: TripAdvisor CEO on Setting Realistic Expectations

Video: Why the Travel Industry Doesn’t Understand Millennials

Skift Backstage Podcast: SilverRail CEO on Tackling Trains in a Digital Age

Video: Explaining the New York of Our Travel Fantasies

Video: The Travel Corporation CEO on Breaking Through Perceptions

Video: Airbnb and the New Hospitality Mindset

Skift Backstage Podcast: Frits van Paasschen on Being Your Own Disruptor

Video: SXSW and Bonnaroo Founders On Making Events Transformative Experiences

Video: Lola CEO Paul English Says Innovation Comes in Small Teams

Skift Backstage Podcast: Club Med President on the Future of All-Inclusive

Video: Amadeus’ Head of R&D on Creating a Framework for Innovation

Video: Travel’s Next Big Challenge Is Connecting Our Global Megacities

Video: Visit Iceland Director on the Blessing and Curse of Tourism

Skift Backstage Podcast: What’s Next for Choice and Loyalty in Air Travel

Video: The Essence of Iconic Airline Advertising Campaigns

Video: U.S. Travel Leaders on What Ails Tourism Today

Skift Backstage Podcast: Carnival CEO on Exceeding Expectations

Video: What We Can All Learn From The Modern Supertraveler

Video: Priceline’s Founder on Choosing to Improve or Reinvent Travel Technology

Video: Wolff Olins CEO on Capturing the Traveler’s Imagination

Skift Backstage Podcast: The Evolution of Tours and Activities

Video: Why Airlines Shouldn’t Confuse Price With Value

Video: Building a Lifestyle Hotel Brand in the Sharing Economy Age

Video: CB Insights Says Big Brands Ignore Travel Startups at Their Own Peril

Video: CEO on Keeping Customers at Center of Strategy CEO: Higher Consumer Expectations Bring New Challenges

Video: Air Canada’s President Reveals His Airline’s Global Ambitions

Skift Backstage Podcast: What Airbnb and Hotels Should Learn from Each Other

Video: How Facebook Became a Role Model for Mobile-First Companies

Video: Why Peek Still Sees Opportunity in the Tours and Activities Market

Video: 500px CEO on Visual Intelligence at Skift Global Forum 2016

Video: TripAdvisor CEO Is Committed to Instant Booking and Long-Term Growth

Video: Expedia CEO on the Future of Travel Search

Video: Google’s Travel Leader on Paid Links and Being a Booking Player

Video: Club Med CEO on Upscaling the All-Inclusive

Video: Starwood’s Former CEO on Not Being Devoured by Disruption

Video: Two Roads CEO Niki Leondakis on the Next Generation Lifestyle Brand

Video: Carnival Corp. CEO on Winning Over the Non-Cruisers

Skift Backstage Podcast: What Online Travel Legends Say About the Future of Travel

Video: Marriott CEO on the Virtues of Scale and Loving All 30 Brands

Expedia Plans to Use Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service

Video: Online Travel Founders Talk Game-Changing Deals, Big Upcoming Trends

The Future Looks Seamless and On-Demand — Skift Corporate Travel Innovation Report

Takeaways From Skift Global Forum 2016 — Meetings Innovation Report

Travel Brands Are Failing to Capture Customers’ Imagination, Says Wolff Olins CEO

Facebook Doesn’t Want to Be Middleman Between Travel Brands And Consumers

SXSW and Bonnaroo and the Data Behind Big Events

This Is What Hotels Can Learn From Airbnb — and Vice Versa

TripAdvisor CEO Kaufer Defiantly Vows to Stay Committed to Instant Booking

Kayak Co-Founder Paul English Plans to Open Up Lola App to Travel Agents Worldwide

SilverRail Technologies CEO Says Travel Needs Seamless Booking Tools

Club Med Targeting Affluent Millennial Families in Bid to Redefine Its Brand

Google Exec Says Master Plan in Travel Is More Connector Than Booker

Former Starwood CEO Thinks Timing of Marriott Deal Wasn’t Best for Shareholders CEO: Direct and Third-Party Bookings Can Peacefully Co-Exist

Why Hotels With a Lifestyle Focus Thrive in the Sharing Economy Age

Why the Hotel Industry Should Be Paying More Attention to Hostels

Marriott CEO on Loyalty, Airbnb and Direct Bookings

U.S. Travel Association: ‘We’re Working With Both Clinton and Trump’

Travel Marketers Should Follow the Data on Millennials, Not Stereotypes

Points Gurus Agree: Elite Frequent Flyers Are Disenchanted With Program Changes

Expedia, Priceline Founders Say Voice-Based Search Is the Next Frontier in Travel

Expedia CEO Says Rumors of an Online Booking War Are Exaggerated

Disruption From Inside Out Is Key to Hospitality Innovation, Says Two Roads CEO Niki Leondakis

Air Canada President: Business Class Customers Don’t Like Surprises

Travel Corporation CEO Sees Better Storytelling as Key to Millennial Travelers

Carnival Corp. CEO Says Empathy Is Vital in Complicated World

Skift Global Forum Day One: What to Expect

Skift Global Forum Live Video Feed: How to Watch

Skift Podcast: How Hostels Are Trying to Move Beyond the Backpacker

These Are the 450+ Companies Attending Skift Global Forum 2016

Skift Global Forum 2016: The Complete Schedule

Skift Global Forum Preview: Why U.S. Travel Growth Is Slowing

37 Pages of Reasons to Attend Skift Global Forum 2016

Skift Global Forum Preview: How Bonnaroo and SXSW Have Reinvented Live Events

Skift Global Forum Preview: How Airlines Became Global Style Icons

Skift Global Forum Preview: Carnival CEO on Bringing American Business to Cuba

Join 440+ Companies Coming to Skift Global Forum

Skift Global Forum Preview: Reinventing Hostels as a Lifestyle Experience

Skift Global Forum Preview: Expedia’s Founder Says Startup Ideas Are Cheap

24 Biggest CEOs to Discuss Future of Travel at Skift Global Forum 2016

Skift Global Forum Preview: The Points Guy on the Changing Miles Game

Skift Global Forum Preview: Secrets of Truly Innovative Hotel Groups

Experience The Virtual XChange at Skift Global Forum

The Biggest Global CEOs Converge at Skift Global Forum 2016

Skift Global Forum 2016: New Venue and New Formats on Stage

And We’re Back: Skift Global Forum 2016 on Sep 27-28 in New York City

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