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Newark, New Jersey’s Largest City, Hopes to Legalize Airbnb Today

To say that Newark comes to this fight as the weaker party is an understatement. If the city wants to do more than just collect taxes and begin regulating short-term rentals, however, it might want to take a good look at a recent San Francisco city report that shows just how complicated that endeavor can be.

Most San Francisco Airbnb Hosts Operate Illegally, Says New City Report

Does regulating short-term rental platforms like Airbnb really work? Well if Airbnb and its peers would cooperate instead of passing the buck to taxpayers regulation could have a fighting chance.

Analyst Predicts a Billion Nights a Year in Airbnb’s Future

If this is indeed the case, we also imagine an Airbnb made up of many, many more professional hosts.

AccorHotels CEO: It’s Foolish and Irresponsible to Fight Against the Sharing Economy

With its multi-million-dollar investments in Onefinestay, Oasis Collections, and Squarebreak, AccorHotels is taking a smart, strategic approach to battling the encroachment of home-sharing platforms like Airbnb and HomeAway by embracing their direct competitors.

Accor Acquires Onefinestay for $168 Million to Get Deeper Into Sharing Economy

Accor picked up Onefinestay even though Hyatt was an investor, highlighting hotels' keen interest in the sharing economy. Onefinestay has scaled very slowly, and Accor intends to invest in the home-sharing site's international expansion.

New Data Takes Aim at Airbnb ‘Super Hosts’ in Los Angeles and San Francisco

Cracking down on Airbnb "Super Hosts," or those who use the platform on a "professional" full-time basis to operate illegal hotels, is becoming a serious hot button issue. If Airbnb wants to become more widely accepted, it has to assure local and state governments that its platform isn't becoming a front for illegal hotels.

Airbnb Pledges Crackdown on San Francisco Hosts With Multiple Listings

Actions will speak louder than words when gauging whether Airbnb will really follow through and boot hosts that have multiple listings in San Francisco, which is an apparent violation of local ordinances.

Seniors Are Airbnb’s Fastest Growing, Most Well Reviewed Type of Hosts

People with the time to be good hosts as well as the real estate to list naturally make model Airbnb users.

Airbnb Tests New Feature That Makes It Easier for Multiple Hosts to Manage Listings

Being able to include Additional Hosts for a single listing makes a lot of sense in many cases, but we wonder if this feature could also make it easier for so-called "professional hosts" or commercial operators to manage their multiple listings on the platform as well.

How Airbnb, Disney and Virgin America Merge Online and Offline Experiences

For travel companies, the key to personalizing the offline travel experience is collecting as much personal information as possible from the customer online.