High-End Hotels Shouldn’t Fear Airbnb Says Wall Street Exec

Brands that don't distinguish between demographics, travelers' mindset, and destinations may have something to worry about. But even though budget is a consideration of Airbnb users, typical budget travelers have shown no strong interest in the Airbnb product.

Priceline Group’s Earnings Reveal Its Alternative Accommodations Ambitions

The Priceline Group is looking for a CEO who can handle disruption and big changes in technology and market conditions in coming years. Just look at the changes in the Group's accommodations mix as lodging alternatives are approaching half of the company's roster of properties.

State of Travel 2016: Airbnb Vs. Hotel Rivals in 6 Charts

Stats can provide a snapshot of a business in a way that few other bits of information can.

Expedia Hits Pause on Direct Booking Goals for HomeAway Division

To some extent, Expedia is molding HomeAway to its liking. Unlike Booking.com (for now, at least), HomeAway is backing off its goal of making all vacation rentals online bookable. Expedia is also adding apartments in urban areas to better compete against Airbnb and Booking.com.

Airbnb Tests Hotel-Style Packaging and Amenities in Sonoma, CA

From the looks of it, this new experiment seems like a smart move for Airbnb to test out: it broadens Airbnb's appeal even further to guests who expect or want more hotel-like amenities at an Airbnb, and it helps them compete against other startups that try to offer a more service-oriented home-sharing experience.

Agreement Between Airbnb and Labor Union Falls Through

An SEIU partnership would have helped Airbnb score brownie points with Americans supporting the Fight for $15. But even if the deal had gone through, it's very doubtful whether Airbnb would have been able to get its hosts to hire unionized cleaners.

Airbnb in Talks with Organized Labor to Urge Hosts to Hire Unionized Cleaners

Airbnb is on a mission to get legalized and gain more acceptance in cities throughout the U.S. A partnership with one of the nation’s biggest labor unions to encourage hosts to hire cleaners for at least $15 an hour would be the next big step if Airbnb can convince hosts to sign on the usually more expensive unionized labor.

Airbnb Repositions Around ‘Live There,’ Moves Beyond Stays to Experiences

Just as Airbnb has had a transformative impact on the home sharing and vacation rental business, it hopes to do the same by going beyond just offering stays into offering actual travel activities and experiences to its community. It'll be very interesting to see how they do it.

Airbnb’s Proposed Tax Agreements With Cities Raise More Questions Than Answers

Airbnb is doing all it can to become legalized in cities like New York and Los Angeles by saying it'll pay occupancy taxes, just like hotels do. But if you look at the math and the overall economic impact, is that money really enough to have a positive net impact on those cities?

Hawaii Tries to Stop Airbnb From Renting Beachfront Campsites

While Airbnb set the bar high for verified user identities, it does a poor job verifying legitimate addresses.