Airbnb CEO Says Diversity in Hiring Key to Fighting Discrimination, Its Biggest Challenge

Diversity in its recruitment practices would go a long way toward helping Airbnb weed out discriminatory practices by hosts. Whether racism, sexism and other discrimination is a bigger problem for Airbnb than regulatory crackdowns is debatable. Both problems substantial and protracted in nature.

CEO Interview: Mobile Booking, Digital Marketing and the New Way to Sell Hostels

Like many successful companies, Hostelworld resolves to win by maintaining its focus on what it does best: Selling hostels. Its big challenge is to generate more awareness about the modern and socially oriented hostel while larger players like Airbnb and Booking.com suck the air out of Google.

Airbnb’s Annual Open Gathering Turns to Celebrity Power for L.A. Debut

Airbnb's Open even has been an inspirational gathering of its top hosts and advocates the last two years. This year's celebrity push is a different turn for the brand that speaks to its A-list ambitions.

Airbnb’s Potential Impact on Hotels During the Republican and Democratic Conventions

The upcoming Republican and Democratic national conventions may prove to be ideal case studies for whether or not Airbnb can have the potential to disrupt lucrative hotel compression night rates. And if Airbnb does make a mark on hotel rates, hotels will have to seriously rethink their strategies around the monopoly they once had with citywide meetings and events.

Airbnb Now Has 100 Million Users and More Grown-Up Problems

No longer the startup that it was in 2008, Airbnb has some very serious issues to contend with as it continues to grow.

Hospitality Innovations in the Space Between Boutique Hotel and Airbnb

Modern consumers will naturally move towards the ideas that best fit with the way they travel now. Hospitality brands that can keep up will reap rewards.

Airbnb Removes 2,233 NYC Listings to Head Off Punitive Legislation

Airbnb knows it needs to appease New York Governor Cuomo and legislators although it isn't clear that its removal of some multiple listings will be enough to achieve its aims.

Top Hotel CEOs and Executives Talk Direct Booking, Airbnb and Cuba

Hotels have a lot to worry about these days. The direct booking wars have no clear frontrunner, Airbnb is on the rise, and millennials are an increasingly elusive customer base.

Anaheim, California, the Home of Disneyland, Bans Airbnb

Is an outright ban the right way to approach regulating short-term rentals? Probably not. Anaheim's ban, somewhat similar to the one in Berlin, will gradually take place over the next 18 months during which homeowners need to shut down their rentals or apply for a license to operate, proving they need the extra income because of financial hardship.

Hawaii Governor Will Veto Bill Allowing Airbnb To Collect Taxes

Hawaii may become the only U.S. state so far to veto legislation that requires sharing economy services to collect state and local taxes.