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Hear this AA-US Airways merger boosters: United Continental’s integration woes drags earnings

Forget about merging cultures, they couldn't merge non-cultural items like reservation systems. What hope do we hold out for AA-US Airways if it happens?


Tunisia’s tentative recovery bringing back tourists, but not enough

Tourism growth needs political stability, and even though the European Easyjet-crowd tourist buses have come back, they're the lowest hanging fruit. How do you build from there?


Thailand’s interior ministry gives unlicensed hotels a reason to go legit

Thai industry officials think that lighter regulations will cause fewer hoteliers to cheat and keep their properties off the tax rolls. They've also got their fingers crossed that this move will help bring up nightly rates.


Live flight landings map gives real-time thrills on Heathrow’s biggest day ever

Real-time data like this gives plane-watchers plenty of reasons to decrease productivity at work by a significant percentage.

Media and PR

TripAdvisor’s friendship with Facebook hits its bottom line this quarter

Stephen Kaufer isn't going to be the most popular guy on Wall Street, but TripAdvisor's attempt to crunch user data and pour money into Facebook marketing to get better conversions for advertising partners, looks like a sage move. If analysts, looking for immediate results, don't like it, they can always write a review.

Skift Originals

How Southwest airlines makes so much money from fees — even checked bag fees

Bag fees are not against Southwest's religion and, with the acquisition of checked-bag-fee charging AirTran, management is undoubtedly mulling whether to see the green light.

How Southwest airlines makes so much money from fees — even checked bag fees


Take that American: US Airways triples profit in second quarter

Hot on the heels of American's CEO taking credit for thinking of everything first, US Air posts blowout numbers to quickly put its bankrupt takeover target firmly in its place.


UK border control decides not to strike at the Olympics after all

Border Agency staff resisted the strike plans after the government agreed to begin hiring 1,100 more workers to man passport control and other border posts.

Online Travel

Live Video: Google gives Kansas City a really fast fiber optic network

Both wireless carriers and cable companies will be watching closely today to see how exactly Google is going to disrupt their businesses. It's hard to imagine a scenario where this isn't good for consumers.


Today is Heathrow’s big day: How it plans to cope with crowds, possible strike

Despite meticulous planning -- including building a temporary terminal and a baggage delivery system to and from Olympic Village -- Heathrow's operator BAA has been taking the fall for the government's bad decisions about border control staffing.


Mother of 11-year-old stowaway told: “We’ve found your son. He’s in Rome”

A passenger slipping by at least five layers of airport security with no ticket or identification is the stuff that airport managers' nightmares are made of, and Manchester's is waking up to an awful week ahead