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CNN infographic lays out the size of the airline industry

Nugget-sized bites of air travel stats such as Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson is the world's busiest to Saudi Arabia's King Fahd International being the biggest.

Business Travel

Europe’s woes cause biz travel to slow its growth

The small growth that the GBTA has seen is due to the higher prices business travelers are paying for hotel rooms and airplane tickets rather than increased activity.

Media and PR

How Mexico rebranded itself beyond beaches and bullets

Can BrandUSA learn some lessons from it? Meaning tackling issues head on that prevent tourists from considering USA as their destination and talking about it?


Uber rallies supporters in D.C. to defeat price-fixing rule

The D.C. taxi lobby's effort to force Uber to charge five time the taxi rate makes for the first time the car service startup's rates have looked inexpensive.


Promised new airport scanners will use lasers to find out everything about your body

Technology that speeds up security lines and prevent stripping and scanning will be welcomed by travelers, no matter what the anti-TSA alarmists say.


American Airlines is finally ready to explore its options: sale, merge, or go it alone

The unions are rooting for a pairing with US Airways, but who knows what the months of high-priced consultants and lawyers have whispered into American's executive's ears.


Carnival gets hit with an updated lawsuit by Costa Concordia victims

The law firm behind the current suit is targeting Carnival for knowingly allowing the Concordia to sail despite known problems with the ship's design and covers all passengers, not just those hurt by the accident.


Head of UK Border Control to step down following the Olympics

Brian Moore's security background caused him to focus on borders strictly as a security issue rather than a savvy combination of strict controls and good will that border and customs officials must exhibit.


Video: How sexual predators get away with cruise ship crimes

The cruise lines, like any other major brands, want to downplay crimes at all costs. But the lack of accountability at sea means that criminals have a floating playground.


Las Vegas likes foreign visitors because they spend much more than domestic ones

With the average foreign visitor likely to spend nearly triple on everything, the local tourism and convention board wants to nearly double its foreign influx to 30% of the city's total.


Travel and Leisure magazine calls out its World’s Best Awards

T+L and its competitor Conde Nast Traveler have long sought to distinguish their respective lists with new measurements and greater user participation, but they find themselves under increasing threats from non-glossy, best-of-like lists from across the web.