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Weekend Read: Can artists and hipsters create vibrant cities on their own?

Great critique of the efforts to revive American cities based on arts and trying to attract the entitled creative types. Great read.


Why US Airways is the only partner for American Airlines that makes sense

Ahles' story points out the obvious speed bump for AMR's leaders: If they merged with US Airways their executive team would likely be gutted.


Iran’s airlines feel the brunt of international sanctions; passenger deaths shoot up

Whatever your views on the efficacy of sanctions against despotic regimes is, the basic safety of life versus politics isn't a fair match.


Airbus and Boeing walk away from air show with half the orders of last year

For most of us, $52 billion wouldn't be a bad week's worth of work. But the decline in orders this year speaks to the caution even the ambitious lines in the Middle East and Asia currently have.


PR: Four Seasons expands into sub-Saharan Africa

Four Seasons are becoming a given feature at UNESCO World Heritage Sites, but this is the chain's first African foray south of Egypt and Morocco.


UK’s Border Force still can’t manage its immigration desks at Heathrow

The UK government is failing so often over such a long period of time on this front that it's hard to come up with an original, new Skift Take to address its incompetence.

Online Travel

Geocaching turns to tourism to draw in more participants

It's not as sexy or hot as location check-in sites, but as far as user adoption and active participation goes geocaching still has something to teach the upstarts -- especially when it comes to making money.

Media and PR

BBC makes it easier to see the Olympics on your smartphone

Although it's limited at times because of television licensing issues, among other things, the BBC's apps will deliver tailored updates of teams closest to your phone's GPS location.


Alaska sues the U.S. government so cruise ships won’t have to meet environmental standards

Alaska is angry that the EPA is forcing them to abide by a treaty before the treaty has been ratified, but in the long run its difficult to argue that the cruise industry won't be better off with pristine waters.


Virgin Australia competes with Qantas for domestic business flyers

Virgin Australia's CEO has taken it from low-cost carrier to business class in a move that directly challenges his former employer Qantas. It's not the winner yet, but it's possible there's room for both in Australia's domestic market.


Skytrax releases 2012 World’s Top Airlines list

You won't find a European carrier until #14 or a North American one until #19. In between is a mix of large and smaller Asia-based lines that are winning over customers one trip at a time.