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Travel journal app HipGeo updates with video support on iOS

HipGeo is often critiqued for its similarity to Path, but by adding video and growing its online community HipGeo is at least now on a level playing field with the more well-known trip tracker.


Attention solo cruisers: Your Carnival deposit will double starting August 30

The double deposit will likely drive solo passengers away from Carnival towards more single-friendly offerings at Holland America or in one of the Norwegian Epic's solo rooms.


Charity challenges: Philanthropic travel or free holidays?

Beyond proper training and staying committed to your fundraising target, be sure to research the quality of trip operators so as not to harm local communities while trying to do good for humanity.

Media and PR

An empty seat at the Olympics makes its voice heard through Twitter

It was only a matter of time before an inanimate object also made its complaints about the Olympics widely known.


Trade between U.S. and Mexico has come back strong, but border issues remain a challenge

Although Tijuana, Baja California remains the world's busiest border crossing, most tourist arrivals to Mexico bypass the land crossings for airborne arrivals in Cancun, Mexico City, and other leisure destinations.


Airport screeners reach first-ever TSA contract agreement

The contract’s terms, including new performance evaluations and disciplinary processes, also bans strikes, hopefully resulting in higher worker morale and job engagement without hampering the security process.


A legal challenge to checked baggage fees in Malaga, Spain

Well that's an interesting twist: A Franco-era law that may actually relieve consumers from tyranny.

Media and PR

A Scottish guesthouse owner sues TripAdvisor over business lost from a bad review

There will always be bad hotels and there will always be terrible guests. If TripAdvisor could easily advise readers of the former and weed out the latter they'd make customers happy and have the killer travel website everyone dreams about.


If Spain exits the eurozone, Iberian and British Airways’ parent company is ready

IAG leadership is positive that the union between Iberia and British Airways will start showing positive numbers in 2015, but a eurozone crisis would definitely throw that timetable off.


Virgin Atlantic slips into the red for only the third time in its 28-year history

Losses are never much fun, but Virgin is seeing an uptick in flyers, and this year it gets some new planes that are more efficient and will help cut fuel costs.

Online Travel

OpenTable wants to make your next restaurant visit even more personal

From online travel agency hotel bookings to online dining reservations, travel and hospitality companies are digging into their vast data collections to get smarter about customer behavior. If the server can't remember your favorite dish, the data analytics system will.