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Opinion: The UK government just doesn’t “get” air travel

There's a recurring theme that Britain's infrastructure is breaking apart, and this outburst but an industry executive only adds to the argument.

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Expedia looks to social and mobile for the next stage of its growth

For a large OTA Expedia is taking some interesting chances, such as it's weekly "Expchats" on Twitter that rely on connected travel experts to promote the business.


Good: Panamanian fisherman left for dead by Princess sues cruiseline

Despite warnings from passengers, Princess ship officials ignored a stranded ship and two of the three stranded men died. Now the survivor is trying to make them pay.

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European hotel owners want better terms from OTAs and lower taxes from municipalities

Small hotel operators in Europe are looking for greater clarity from large OTAs operating in Europe and an easing of local bed taxes.


Study: Spending is up, but not as many Americans are traveling as before

The disparity in wealth in the U.S. can clearly be seen in its travel habits: a few are traveling quite well but many are staying at home.


China is fertile ground for the cruise industry

China's growth will effect all levels of the industry, from ship building, to ports for tourists, to a new generation of customers.


How London won the Olympics – and got to pick up the $14.5 billion bill

London leaders looked to Barcelona as a model for Olympic success and did whatever they could to get there, from rigging traffic lights for Olympic officials to selling Tony Blair's government on a phony budget.


California bullet train will have to spend $3.5 million a day to hit deadline

The state of California needs to cut through red tape, buy lad, and lay tracks at a break-neck speed in order to get federal funds. If they can pull it off, high-speed rail in the U.S. will never be the same.


NYC taxis speed into the future with payments and GPS

Technology is making it easier to pay and track both yellow cabs and car services across New York City. With a Square pilot program in place, things are likely to get better throughout 2012.


Banned items find a second life at Pennsylvania warehouse

You can find deals (but not good karma) on confiscated items in Harrisburg and online at


American Airlines and creditors will talk with US Airways

The embattled AMR inches ever closer to formal talks with rival/suitor US Airways.