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Most outrageous hotel and resort fees

Mandatory resort fees of $55 each, room service charges that treble the cost of food, and more ridiculous rates that travelers love to hate.


Accor looks to emerging markets to fuel hotel boom

Following the success of other hotel companies, Accor's CEO has set a goal of 100,000 new rooms in Latin America, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East in the next three years.


Managing multiple currencies with a prepaid travel card

New banking solutions allow customers to split pre-paid cards into multiple currency "buckets" to better manage exchange rates and foreign transaction fees.


Medellín’s social urbanism has transformed the destination

The capital Bogata now looks to Medellin for inspiration in almost every sector -- especially attraction tourism.


Can drivers and cyclists co-exit in Los Angeles?

The city that was built on the back of cars is dealing with a culture that is pushing bike lanes and pedal-powered commutes.


Union pushes for pre-screening for more airport employees

Why mechanics and support crew should get to take advantage of the same pre-screening options available to pilots and flight crews.


Video: A look at the Maldives’ less-scenic side

February's coup d'état demonstrated that all was not paradise in the Maldives. Reeve's report adds another dose of reality for visitors to the island nation.


Cubans who want to visit the U.S. still face arcane migration rules

Although the U.S. has loosened restrictions on travel from the U.S. to Cuba, the easing of rules has not been reciprocal. It's likely, though, that Raul Castro will make changes so that the U.S. doesn't look like the better player.


Costa Concordia salvage operation to last at least a year

The Concordia will end the twelve-month process with a visit to an Italian shipyard where Costa and Carnival will see whether it can be saved and, if necessary, rebuild and rebrand the ship.


FAA has more whistleblowers than any other U.S. government agency

The air safety ramifications shouldn't be overlooked: The number of whistleblowers point to total inaction by officials rather than a particularly activist employee culture.

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It’s time for airlines and passengers to learn to love in-flight calls

You think it's hard to relax in-flight now? Wait until your seat-mate decides to spend his/her trans-Atlantic flight making sales calls and/or begging a lover to take them back.