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Jakarta slum tourism walks the line between aid and exploitation

Slum tourism is a stark reminder that there is always a vast chasm between the experience of a tourist and that of a local, no matter the destination.


Two decades of western wanderers along Asia’s hippie trail

The trail that spawned Lonely Planet, among other memories, began with the Beatles and Ginsberg and ended with the overthrow of the Shah and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

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Blindsquare uses Foursquare and voice to guide blind users

The app promises shake-based social check-ins and your destination narrated by other Foursquare users

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Comparing the top 4 online and mobile mapping options

The challenge of picking a mobile mapping "best" is a result of handset exclusive and OS battles between Microsoft, Android, and Apple, leaving users to troubleshoot what works best for them.


Would you pay $249 for a cabana on a cruise?

Considering the relatively cheap cost of discounted Caribbean cruises, the $250 charge could be equal to half the price of one traveler's cruise. Still, it's a good way for NCL to continue to offer bargain trips and premium experiences at the same time.

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Google Hotel Finder pushes paid placement in a confusing manner

Perhaps this is just a confusing early step by Google, but the results they're serving up in the Hotel Finder make it very difficult for users to determine why they're seeing prices from certain providers over those of others.

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Wego pushes into India with its OTA services in multiple languages

Wego hopes it can break out of the OTA aggregator pack with localized versions of its site that speak directly to consumers.


How much should hotels and airlines use social media for guest profiling?

It is a smart play for travel providers to know as much about their guests as possible. Smarter still to make it look effortless and not so creepy.


What’s behind the rise in air rage incidents?

A breakdown of manners and common currency at every level of the flying process contributes largely to the rate at which passengers (and crew) are quick to turn an interaction nasty.


US Airways may get some financial help for its American takeover bid

US Airways immediately looks more impressive next to private equity firm TPG, but the merger still seems like one between two faded stars as opposed to the makings of a new aviation powerhouse.

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Sabre may spend up to $125 million on an acquisition this quarter

There are a handful of mobile and tech companies that could be within Sabre's sights, as well as two content orgs on the block: Frommer's and Northstar Media.