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Tourism makes mini-comeback in Kashmir, but calls for modesty may temper growth

Will it temper the badly needed tourism revival in Kashmir? Some say calls for modesty are just cultural and no different from other parts of India, some fear a turn towards radicalism.


Weekend Read: What’s driving Americans to retire abroad?

Americans' confidence in their ability to afford a comfortable retirement in their own country is at all-time low. Financial pressures are the biggest reason for this retire-abroad increase.


SkiftDesign: On hunt for the perfect transit app, Chicago makes its citizens app designers

Could benefit not just Chicago but other larger U.S. cities as well, an effort that could surely use backing from non-Chicagoans as well.


United in-flight Wi-Fi on some planes will reach up to 10 Mbps, using Gogo

A small step to boost speeds, an interim one for sure, before satellite-based high-speed systems take off.


No-expiration miles are going to expire after all, says American

Rocking the boat while going through a bankruptcy is unusual for an airline. And how many such frequent flyers are there anyway?


How to survive Beijing’s terrible air pollution

Although heavy air pollution can be a sign of prosperity, it also doesn't do much for respiratory systems. Follow this advice to breathe easier on your next visit.


EU says it needs 3 years to improve air traffic management

EU's Single European Sky aims to offer cheaper flights and fewer delays, although its timing might be off as member nations' short term plans vary in efforts and airlines will face higher costs for reorganization.


European travelers can’t save Greece, so how about Chinese and Indian ones?

Destinations like Kefalonia built themselves into places they thought others wanted them to be rather than focusing on what was best for them. The only future that offers is if they can keep finding wealthy visitors who like the same things too.


American Airlines’ pilots could walk away with 13.5% of the company

American will get what it wants now -- big reductions in costs and flexibility on scheduling and routes -- in exchange for giving up a chunk of the company to a group of its most dedicated employees.


Public unions have the London games over a barrel and it’s the government’s fault

David Cameron's government has given the unions plenty of reasons to play hardball, unwisely and cynically hoping he could use the Olympics to force through measures they despise. Now it's backfiring on him.


The world’s 10 best destinations for street food

From Mexican churros to Moroccan kebabs, these descriptions of street-side snacks will make even the most swanky /snobbiest traveler's mouth water.