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Kayak’s delayed IPO to hit road next week

With better quarterly number this year than last, the story's a bit better than 2011, it will try to sell that growth story.


Turkey’s growth and popularity expands offshore to the cruise industry, too

Between its position as a financial and political leader in the region and its compelling cultural offerings, Turkey is having a moment right now and the tourism industry wants a piece of it.


People who want to fly more also want to fly greener

Airbus has used this study to promote what it says are greener measures at the aircraft builder, including new heat-capturing seats and new tail-wing designs, as well as take a dig at the EU's carbon-emissions scheme.


Concordia captain thanks “divine hand” for help, God doesn’t say “you’re welcome”

The Concordia's ex-captain seems more and more the nautical equivalent of a flopping Italian soccer player every day: He thinks he's a skilled genius wronged by unseen powers, everyone else thinks he's a pitiful clown.


Carlyle Takes Control of China’s Mandarin Hotel Chain

Private equity, like everyone else, is looking at China, and Carlyle's investment in mid-tier Mandarin Hotel Holdings Ltd. is a hedge against economic downturns.


Carnival not cruising on corporate governance issues

Carnival Corp. and CEO Micky Arison are feeling the heat on corporate governance issues in the wake Costa Concordia disaster and other missteps. However, the corporate governance problem isn't exclusively Carnival's -- just look at the makeup of the Expedia and Orbitz boards.


United is #1 … at losing your luggage

Airline and airport industry execs quake in their boots when Conde Nast Traveler's Barbara Peterson comes knocking. Her expose on lost bags is one reason why.


A new type of top cities list from the Economist Intelligence Unit

Vancouver has lost its spot at the top of the list (and in the top 10 overall, too) as the EIU re-jiggers its ranking system to announce a new set of livable cities, this year topped by Hong Kong.


How Flipkey plans to get back in the game

Flipkey will continue to try to differntiate itself through reliable user reviews and inbound traffic from TripAdvisor, but it will need to overcome its parent company's propensity to under-invest in its non-TA properties.


Airbnb for dog sitting site DogVacay goes nationwide

Anyone who underestimates the potential market of pet owners who love to travel with or without their furry friends is missing out on a startup opportunity.


Oasis of the Seas to get (real) high-speed Internet for summer 2013

Like hotels and airlines before them, cruise lines are realizing that people just don't want to be disconnected. RCI's attempts to improve the experience may help it further distinguish its offering in the Caribbean.