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Wrong New York airport: How the EWR-LGA-JFK triangle snares every kind of traveler

There's nothing like showing up at the wrong airport and realized that you're about to spend at least $50 to just narrowly miss your airplane.

Online Travel

Travel app WeTrip focuses on travel activities instead of beds and food

WeTrip hopes its focus on travel activities will set it apart in the inundated social travel market, but it will need to learn lessons from all who've gone before (and already pivoted).


Tourism makes a slow comeback to strife-torn Bahrain

With the situation so fluid in that region of the world, it would take a while before cruise tourist ships come back fully.


Hybrid electric cars offer drivers the best of both worlds

Without the proper infrastructure to support all-electric cars, plug-in hybrids that can run on battery and gas power just make more sense to drivers worried about both new technology and where they'll find their next charge.


American Airlines shows off renderings of new interiors surprisingly free of US Airways logos

It's hard to spot exactly where over-confidence tips over to into over-compensating, but American seems to be right at that point.


How Spirit Airlines is becoming the Ryanair of the U.S.

Spirit is expanding rapidly despite its hard-earned reputation for nickel and diming and leaving passenges high and dry when things go wrong.


American’s CEO won’t talk about the merger, but he does want to redecorate

From its labor contracts to airplane redecorating, Horton's talk and action recently is focused entirely on projecting an image of an airline that's ready to go it alone.

Business Travel

How Hipmunk plans to take the agony out of business travel

Hipmunk business class is a smart move, although the company will find out that business travel is more than a few features and isn't "easy."


Spanish wildfires isolate popular summer destinations

Mother Nature disrupts some of Europe’s busiest weeks for summer travel as deadly forest fires suspend train routes and close major highways to Cost Brava and southern France.


Hotel industry finds its big ancillary revenue driver: spas

This Hilton "research" is their own PR, but the larger point stands: the presence of a quality spa offering with reliable availability can create a halo effect for the entire property.


Japan finally sees tourism numbers top pre-quake levels

Japan's June numbers were driven largely by inbound tourism from other parts of Asia, including Chinese attracted by eased visa requirements.