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Now you can book a Heathrow Express train with your smartphone

Getting to and from Heathrow into central London is easier and paper free now -- granted you ever make it through security.

Media and PR

PR: Four Seasons promotes its destination wedding expertise with pubs and apps

A glossy bridal magazine or a rich photo set on Pinterest that capture the beauty of a destination go a long way to ensuring bookings.


New Dubai hotel to be underwater, literally

Plans for a high-stakes, high-end underwater hotel signals that Dubai definitely thinks its recovered from the excesses that brought it to its knees in 2009.


Spirit Airlines ups the ante on fees with it’s $100 checked bag fee

No airline manipulates the media into writing about it better than Spirit. It's new $100 at-the-door checked bag fee is its latest accomplishment.


Rio prepares for global stage by removing visual pollution

Unauthorized ads are seen as eyesores that may turn off visitors, so the city is tearing them down one by one.


More than just accommodations: How Airbnb is getting a little more ambitious

If you trust Airbnb to connect you with an apartment, why not turn to them for a parking space or a bike, the company asks.


Airbnb and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee want to figure out their tax challenges

San Francisco and Airbnb, one of its booming new tech businesses, are trying to figure out whether apartment and vacation home rentals should be subject to occupancy taxes

Online Travel

TripAdvisor gets a five-star review for its first solo Q1

With surprisingly positive earnings and profits, TA demonstrates its strength as a solo player.

Online Travel

New app aids trainspotters and travelers in the UK

Never get stuck not knowing if your train is on time or delayed. Unless you've got a BlackBerry or Android device, of course.


PR: Hyatt changes management structure and shuffles execs

The global hotel giant will split its teams into Americas, Asia, and EAME regions and form a group to manage real estate holdings and developments across the regional teams.


HomeAway is showing its rental owners how they can do social better

Vacation rental owners aren't typically as savvy as the sites they advertise on. HomeAway is trying to take some of the mystery out of social for them.