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Carnival UK boss provides enough quotes to start a class war

Cruise lines can provide basement-level prices by paying their Eastern European and Asian crews wages that are out of whack with their relatively well-off clientele. But Carnival UK's CEO may very well ruin it with his defense of 75 pence-an-hour pay.

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Opinion: “Why reining in Google is good for us”

Keeping Google's ambitions in check may be good for all businesses -- even Google's.


British Airways plans to shutter its recently acquired, low-cost Bmibaby line

Although formal closure is set for September, the line will cease operations out of Belfast, East Midlands, and Birmingham as of the beginning of the second week of June.


Greece can bring visitors back with a little rebranding

A simple rebranding project may be too much to expect of a country that seems structurally unable to deal with its endemic labor and tax issues.


3 American Airlines unions are fully behind US Airways takeover

Perhaps envying the number 1 and 2 positions of their competitors at Delta and United, the three largest unions are pushing American's parent company to bow to US Air's demands.


Will the EU boycott Ukraine’s biggest event on the world stage?

Landing the Euro 2012 football tournament wasn't easy, but Ukraine seems content to let the opportunity to show off fade away by its apparent callousness to the suffering of an incarcerated former leader.

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Wego goes after local markets in its search for success

A relatively incoherent essay still manages to lay out why Wego is seeing success in local markets.


The best and the worst beaches in the UK

The Guardian's data blog thumbs through all the details on UK beaches to praise the good ones and expose the bad.


Holland America changes schedules for 2013 and cuts service to Kodiak

When a major cruise line slashes visits to an Alaskan town, the city tries to make adjustments to deal with the lack of visitors.

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New York City subway stations to get WiFi courtesy of Boingo

It's going to take up to five years to become reality, but mobile WiFi provider Boingo plans to wire New York City's subway stations.


Boston is the worst U.S. city for “budget” hotels, Orlando is the best

Might as well splash out in Boston as the difference between a budget property and a fancy one is less that the total nightly cost of a bargain room in Orlando.