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Tourism Ireland targets Indian markets for visitors

Having secured success with travelers from Mumbai and New Dehli, Ireland is now looking to Bengaluru and Chennai for additional visitors.


Older Americans travel much better than just about anyone else

The enviable 50+ market has the money and time to travel any way it wants.

Online Travel

Why bargain shoppers just love travel flash sales

Hotel deals are more expensive than local flash sales, but they make for happier buyers.


Luxe holiday specialist Kuoni renews agreement with Travelport

Another long-term client takes advantage of the GDS provider's new Travel Smartpoint App in favor of the old Galileo system.

Online Travel

Amtrak conductors put down the ticket punch, pick up iPhones

Amtrak's conductors have stepped into the present with hand-held scanners. Now how about e-tickets for passengers?

Airlines expands its toll free complaint hotline internationally

The organization built on the back of airlines' mistakes is going global.

Media and PR

How two travel bloggers fell in love on Twitter

Romance blossoms because of a Twitter connection. No word yet on whether happiness will ruin their blogs.

Online Travel

Social travel guides begin to muscle in on geolocation apps

Startups like Everplaces and gopogo are going beyond the checkin and asking users to share even more. But do users really want to do the work?


Travelport goes on the road to sell “the GDS reborn”

It's not an easy time for agents yet Travelport hopes its new offering will get them to keep contracts in place.


The Mississippi River welcomes steamboats again

The challenge of revitalizing the river boat industry in the U.S. is matching quality of product with the right customers for the offered ports of call.


The cost of unlimited flying catches up with American Airlines

American Airlines once lured very loyal customers with a $250K all-you-can-fly-in-a-lifetime pass. Then it had second thoughts. Here's how it unraveled.