While travel has turned digital, new challenges and threats have arisen from the most outlandish corners of the internet. Through the use of the dark web, travel data is being shared by cybercriminals over anonymous marketplaces.

This insights & data deck takes a deeper look at the dark web and the marketplaces used for making transactions, anonymously, through the web. Crawling through these marketplaces, we identify and display some of the travel listings available on these sites – from loyalty points to dark web travel agents. We also identify essential steps companies should take to fend off cybercriminals.



This report examines:

    • The state of cyber fraud in travel.
    • The dark web: a look at its origins and developments.
    • Dark net markets – anonymous marketplaces used for purchasing everything from drugs to airline miles.
    • An overview of cryptocurrencies and what role they play on the dark web.
    • Key security measures organizations can implement to protect themselves from cyber fraud.


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