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Is India the new China? That is the question every destination and travel leader is asking themselves when looking at a country whose population (1.4 billion) has already surpassed China’s. India has emerged post the COVID-19 pandemic as one of the fastest growing outbound markets (110% growth in outbound travel in 2023 vs. 2019), with its surging middle class being the real growth driver – currently representing 31% of India’s population.

While traditionally hampered by boom-and-bust cycles, India’s outbound tourism, supported by this dynamic and growing middle class, sustained economic growth and resurgence in airline capacity, is projected to grow up to hit 38% by 2031 and 60% by 2047 – reaching 1 million Indians by that time.

Understanding the massive opportunity for travel and tourism organizations around the globe wishing to capitalize on the number one growing global outbound travel market, Skift Advisory has developed The Aspirationals: A Skift Indian Outbound Traveler Insights and Segmentation Program – the definitive quantitative-based research program providing unparalleled insights around perceptions, intentions, behaviors, and attitudes of the Indian outbound travel consumer, as well as a detailed segmentation study of key target audience groups.

What is The Aspirationals: A Skift Indian Outbound Traveler Insights and Segmentation Program?

Through a subscription-based research program featuring quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews with leading India travel industry experts, The Aspirationals program includes twice yearly insights reports and industry briefings (in two waves). The continuous monitoring of how Indian travel consumers intend to travel internationally, coupled with their broader travel perceptions and behaviors, will be pivotal in informing business decisions related to developing the right destination and business offering, as well as prioritizing investment initiatives.

How will the research program benefit your organization?

  • Consistent availability of quantitative market research for the Indian outbound travel consumer market at a considerably discounted rate.
  • Comprehensive analysis validated by leading travel industry executives from Indian tour operators, OTAs and airlines, and international DMOs, accommodations and experiences providers targeting Indian travelers.
  • Up-to-date comprehension of how market and societal trends influence Indian travel consumer behavior.
  • Identify the optimal positioning for destinations, products and experiences to allure the fast growing, high-value Indian outbound travel market.
  • Harmonize your destination and business’ distinctive competitive edge with market needs and aspirations to directly inform effective strategies to attract Indian travel consumers.

What annual subscription options are available for your organization?

1. Elite (for any DMO/business requiring insights customization): $49,999 annually

  • 2 fully customized Insights Reports (1 per wave)
  • 2 fully customized Insights Briefing Presentations (1 per wave)
  • Ability to add 3 custom research questions per wave

2. Lite (for Indian-based DMOs/businesses): $499 annually

  • 2 Topline Insights Reports (1 per wave)
  • Optional: Insights Briefing Presentation: $2,499

For more information, leave your contact details here and our Skift Advisory experts will reach out to arrange a walk-through of the research program.

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