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JD Power report: Hotel customer service falls short, Wi-Fi fees a big complaint

Wifi, like running hot water, is becoming a utility and hotel customers expect it to be free or cheap. And with all talk about bringing in tech in check-in experience, lack of human touch there is most grating, customers say.


Hyatt faces global boycott from hotel unions, NFL players, and more

Hyatt is suspicious of the motives behind the impressively diverse group of unions boycotting, but they certainly can't ignore them. Especially the linebackers.


Infographic: Consumer eating habits worldwide and what they mean to hotels

Brazil, not U.S., takes the cake, though of course we're not too far behind.


Hotel reputation software firm Revinate gets $14.5M funding round

Good competition in the space from likes of ReviewPro, TrustYou & others and then generalist social media tools, this money will surely be needed to scale/compete. Rich Barton gold dust helps too.


Software developer demonstrates hotel locks are even more unsecure than we thought

We knew hotel locks aren't meant to be taken literally. This will hopefully spur hotel tech companies to think more about security beyond whizbangs like smartphone-enabled key cards and other cool yet easily hackable access methods.


DVRs in hotel rooms never really took off, but some are still trying

There's next to no demand for DVRs in rooms unless there's a service that could link it to your home. But even LodgeNet couldn't pull off a deal like that with local cable operators -- especially when you can sidestep it all with your own tablet or laptop.


Qatar is the new China: On a hotel buying spree worldwide

Qatar Airlines is making a splash with its expansion, and so are the country's hotel acquisitions around the world, especially in Europe.


Consumer Reports’ hotels reader survey says that beds are top concern

Prices in the U.S. are up this year, but in return properties are offering more suites at all price points and have made investments in comfortable beds they want to brag about.


Taking a dip in the 11 best hotel rooftop pools in the U.S.

Rooftop spots have become big draws both for hotel guests and locals looking for a good time. But hotels need to strike a balance: hot spots can quickly turn off hotel guests who expect to be treated better than a nightclub visitor.


Hotel industry finds its big ancillary revenue driver: spas

This Hilton "research" is their own PR, but the larger point stands: the presence of a quality spa offering with reliable availability can create a halo effect for the entire property.