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Landlord gets wise to tenant, stops his Airbnb rentals and starts its own

The ironica flip side to this story is that the landlord is likely breaking local laws himself by using Airbnb to find short-term tenants in units zoned for residential.


Vacation homes on the Costa del Sol are cheaper than ever

The financial climate has changed since the height of the second-home market but the weather and beaches in southern Spain haven't. Smart shoppers will keep an eye on completed properties in existing neighborhoods.


PR: Introduces New Search Platform for Monthly Furnished Rentals

The focus on a new, fresher type of corporate housing in markets that serve long-term stay business travelers has worked well for Korman's AKA properties.


The lingering legal issues that hang over Airbnb and the sharing economy

It's up to Airbnb and other "sharing" economy brands to figure out how to balance the opportunities they can give owners and renters with local laws and insurance policies.


Hotel startup uses past prices to tell you if that deal really is a deal

Outside of an excellent memory, DealAngel's historic data is one of the best new ways to figure out if your bargain hotel room is the discount you think that it may be.


Hotel bookings during London Olympics are off by a third

Summer tourists who may have hit London in previous years are turning to Paris, Barcelona, and other destinations where the spectacle of the games isn't driving up costs or creating headaches.


Another luxury hotel group looks to Asia/Pacific for growth

Langham is fond of owning the properties that it runs, but the Asia growth will largely be driven by management deals; although it promises it will look at acquisitions.