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Most outrageous hotel and resort fees

Mandatory resort fees of $55 each, room service charges that treble the cost of food, and more ridiculous rates that travelers love to hate.


Accor looks to emerging markets to fuel hotel boom

Following the success of other hotel companies, Accor's CEO has set a goal of 100,000 new rooms in Latin America, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East in the next three years.


Almost half of new NYC hotels are in the outer boroughs

It's clear that visitors' Big Apple expectations are getting bigger as we see new hotels in Queens that aren't targeted to LGA sleepovers and ones in Brooklyn near trendy streets.


Airbnb has problems that good PR can’t solve

From bad internet to dirty apartments, Airbnb's problems may not differ widely from other accommodation providers, but the peer-to-peer nature of the service carries with it greater expectations.


U.S. hotel growth stagnant, except for luxe and high-end properties

The lack of low- and mid-range hotels currently in development speaks to build outs in recent years and the current promise of profit from high-end properties.


Hotel reputation management begins offline

Hotels that focus on TripAdvisor reviews need to step away from the monitor for a minute to ensure that they're managing travelers' expectations.


Hilton debuts its new airport-friendly hotel concept

With new properties near Heathrow and at Frankfurt, Hilton is trying to re-invent the tired airport hotel concept with better services and easier access to transit.


Beware hotel Wi-Fi: FBI warns travelers of cyber attacks

Everyone loves free Wi-Fi, including cyber thieves. The FBI on how to stay safe while surfing abroad.


Most expensive hotel rates label goes to Rio

Rio appears to be getting ready to do an Olympics gouge by raising hotel rates by 50% year over year.

Business Travel

PR: Westin Hotels to change business centers into group work stations

Promising everything from teleconferencing to white boards, Westin hopes to lure more business travelers and revamp its biz center offering.