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Everyone loves micro-subletting — except the neighbors and the law

Consumers love alternative accommodations, but players from Airbnb down to vacation rental companies like Wyndham are going to take more responsibility and make it harder for their customers to break laws and avoid taxes.


Hacker hostels in Silicon Valley offer short- and long-term stays for future startup stars

Techies who want to take the idea of a shared workspace one step further can apply for the $40 per night stay through Airbnb, although some hostels have become more underground to avoid trouble from landlords.


Research says hotels are turning away from social media marketing

This six-month study found that although hotels recognize marketing opportunities on social media, they are applying renewed focus on direct bookings and corporate partnerships for strategies they can measure.


Hotel and rental home occupancies in Turkish border province shoot up due to Syrian conflict

As journalists flock to the region and well-off Syrians flee their country to rent safer homes, the Turkish border province rebounds from a dip in tourism, but these are revenues they're eager to replace.


SkiftDesign: Hotel in a box, literally: Snoozebox Portable Hotel

Smart, ingenious, very European. And the shipping container look is so trendy these days.


Tips from a lawyer on subletting your apartment on Airbnb

Here's some expert advice: Don't be sneaky when you're renting or, at the very least, make sure your short-term tenants aren't left in the lurch when your landlord discovers you're violating your lease.


“We take competition law very seriously,” says IHG chief about price-fixing claims

Despite its involvement in the alleged activity, Expedia is off the hook since it's cooperating with the regulators rather than pushing back like IHG.


Mecca’s hotel industry will expand by 13,500 rooms in the next 5 years

A Saudi Arabian development company plans to help the holy city accommodate the more than 10 million religious visitors that arrive each year with 35 higher-end hotels next to the Grand Mosque.


Hotel guests shouldn’t feel guilty about stocking up on the free high-end toiletries

More than half of surveyed travelers admit to taking home toiletries - but that's just fine with these upscale brands that want travelers to try (and get addicted to) their products.


If you’re booking a hotel in Amsterdam, go through a booking site, not brand’s own

Price parity between brands' own sites and OTAs in the U.S. can be hit and miss at times, but in Europe it is all over the place.