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Dubai may be in a hotel slump by Dubai standards, but it’s the envy of others

Obviously, nobody told Dubai 2012 about pre-2009 Dubai. Hotel construction has returned with a boom.


Boston is the worst U.S. city for “budget” hotels, Orlando is the best

Might as well splash out in Boston as the difference between a budget property and a fancy one is less that the total nightly cost of a bargain room in Orlando.


State of Indian hotels: Lots of debt and over supply

Chender Baljee, chairman of Royal Orchid, speaks of pull-backs, management contracts, and why the hotel chain is taking a more measured approach to growth.


Checking into the world’s best airport hotels

Far from being dank counterparts to long-term parking garages, these hotels in Munich, Singapore, Dubai, and other cities may leave some visitors with wishes for a longer layover.


New Dubai hotel to be underwater, literally

Plans for a high-stakes, high-end underwater hotel signals that Dubai definitely thinks its recovered from the excesses that brought it to its knees in 2009.


More than just accommodations: How Airbnb is getting a little more ambitious

If you trust Airbnb to connect you with an apartment, why not turn to them for a parking space or a bike, the company asks.


Airbnb and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee want to figure out their tax challenges

San Francisco and Airbnb, one of its booming new tech businesses, are trying to figure out whether apartment and vacation home rentals should be subject to occupancy taxes


PR: Hyatt changes management structure and shuffles execs

The global hotel giant will split its teams into Americas, Asia, and EAME regions and form a group to manage real estate holdings and developments across the regional teams.


HomeAway is showing its rental owners how they can do social better

Vacation rental owners aren't typically as savvy as the sites they advertise on. HomeAway is trying to take some of the mystery out of social for them.


Hotel industry is growing ever more tired of giving a cut to the OTAs

The hotel industry is trying to figure out how it can turn consumers on to its own hotel sites as opposed to OTAs.