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Q&A with a father of online home exchange

Ed Kushins describes the origins and strengths of his 43,000 member home exchange business.


How to earn extra money this summer by renting out your home

The WSJ points out that it's much easier to rent your home to others if you live somewhere nice.


Don’t judge Airbnb by the number of users

Many of Airbnb's users may be inactive, but those who are give the company enviable revenue numbers.


Why hotels use daily deal sites, then don’t do it again

Hotels are using daily deal sites to market rather than rake in profits, but the return visitor numbers are underwhelming at best.


U.S. welcomes more foreign visitors this February than last

Despite visa obstacles, more foreign residents came to the U.S. this February than last -- no note on whether the more mild weather played a role. Big note: the YoY increase of Brazilian visitors was 43%.


Airbnb makes it easier to book a room with less lead time

The one part of non-traditional room discovery that Airbnb hasn't cracked is speed. With its new Match product, Airbnb increases the chance that users can find a bed in five days or less.


Last-minute room booker HotelTonight expands into Canada

HotelTonight has been cautious in its growth. It's now added its first two international destinations with Toronto and Vancouver.


PR: CouchSurfing continues to mature, appoints new CEO

Sharing economy pioneer CouchSurfing taps a former VP of MTV and AOL to lead the company. Its founder will remain President.


Video: Wyndam’s CEO points to growth in hotels and vacation rentals

Wyndham has been hedging its hotel bets by building an enviable network of locally branded vacation rental sites. It continues to pay off with this quarter's earnings


Liability issues threaten to derail home sharing

The sharing economy will have to deal with its users' liability issues before it can become legitimate.