Risks and Benefits of Investing in Uber According to Morgan Stanley

Anyone putting money into Uber at this point is doing so at a time where Uber's earliest investors are warning publicly about a potential bubble bursting for unicorns and other startups. While Uber still has potential, it's highly unlikely that investing at its current valuation is a good idea for anyone.

Skyscanner’s First Venture Funding Since 2007 Came After Priceline Took A Look

With Skyscanner's new funding and ample cash, the company sees itself as an acquirer over the next few months. Skyscanner believes a few modest acquisitions, increased marketing, and continued organic growth should do the trick. There won't be any quick, easy answers as this looks like a strategy for the long haul.

Travel Tech Corporate Investment Doubled in 2015

The activity is centered primarily on startups that have already shown promise — not the early stage players.

Skyscanner Raises $192 Million in Funding at $1.6 Billion Valuation

Skyscanner has more or less been a bootstrapper in metasearch, growing mostly organically and profitably for the last seven years. But its challenge has been how to get to the next level. It's unclear how much of a difference this latest funding round will make since a chunk of it will be used as a payout to existing investors.

GM Invests $500 Million in Lyft in Escalation of Challenge to Uber

This makes the battle a little less like David Vs. Goliath for Lyft. But is an old-school corporation the partner Lyft needs?

How We Got off the Addiction to Venture Capital and Created Our Own Way to Profits

This is our 4000-word story as we head into 2016, and hopefully lessons for other companies trying to create their own whitespace in this noisy business world.

Lyft Is Chasing After $1 Billion in New Investment

Lyft will be giving up significant control to raise this billion — much more than its main rival does for the same amount of money.

Airbnb Confirms $1.5 Billion Funding Round

Airbnb has an ample amount of privately raised cash to burn. That whole IPO thing is still on the agenda but off in the future.

The Unicorns: These Are the 15 Most Valuable Private Companies in Travel

The online travel booking world has seen few new successes in the last decade and this list reflects it. On the other hand, digital technologies are changing all other aspects of travel, transport and leisure activities.

What Startups Can and Can’t Learn from Luxury Home Share Club Inspirato

Learn about the trends that are driving venture funding in travel, and what startups need to know as they vie to secure the capital necessary for their growth.