Why Simple in Travel Can Be So Much Better Than Big Data

Executing well from basic data points can win the day in customer service.

Intent Media Acquires Voyat in Effort to Build Next-Gen Travel Ad Tech Company

This may be the next generation of travel ad tech, but it will need to keep watch for Google in its rear-view mirror.

New Skift Report: How Travel Brands Are Facing Global Translation Challenges

As global travelers and travel content continues to migrate into the digital realm, consumers are increasingly researching, planning, and booking trips on the web and via mobile devices. At the same time, travel brands are investing heavily in content marketing to reach consumers. These two forces collide when travel brands enter new, foreign markets and struggle to offer content marketing in local languages.

Sabre CEO Will Step Down by Year’s End, Leave Board of Directors

With the rapid changes now taking place on the distribution front, we'll likely see more leadership changes as players seek to better position themselves for new opportunities.

Make Way For Hospitality’s Deskless Employee

As hospitality businesses struggle to create operational efficiencies, many look to tech to help hotel staff ditch the desk.

New Skift Trends Report: The Strategic Guide to a Modern Hotel Technology Stack

Thanks to the growing influence of technology, a dramatic shift is now underway in how hotel owners think about their job responsibilities, and the tools they need to be successful. At the same time, implementing technology to solve existing challenges can sometimes create new challenges.

Staying Ahead of the Curve: A Tech Checklist for Hotel Revenue Managers

Hotel operators have learned the secret to combatting dynamic market conditions: invest in tech that will have a direct impact on revenue management performance by predicting demand and implementing new pricing strategies.

Hotels Struggle to Exit the Analog Age

It may seem hard to believe, but analog technologies like walkie-talkies, pagers, and even pen and paper are still the norm for many hotel employee communications.

How Online Travel Can Find the Middle Ground Between Ads and Booking

In the age of smarter segmentation and targeting, utilitarian and comparison shopping ads no longer have to impact conversions.

Search Isn’t Just on Search Engines Anymore, and Google Knows It

Travel brands can learn two things from Google's recent moves: brands are the new king of search, and personalized site experiences include ads.