To Improve Foundational Customer Experience, Airlines Should Look To Operations

Even as airlines work to streamline the airport journey, provide more personalized offers, and deliver memorable in-flight experiences, there's still room for major improvement on the most important part of the airline customer experience – getting passengers to their destination on time.

Data and Analytics are Defining the Future of Hotel Employee-Guest Relations

Explore with us where the travel industry is headed, technologically. The time has come to look at what the future holds for hospitality, and every travel vertical, as an industry that uses digital tools to better reach customers — and re-envisions itself along the way.

Universal Theme Parks Have the Magic Formula for Millennials Says Foursquare

Universal parent company Comcast has been pouring money into its theme parks, and this data from Foursquare is another sign that the investment is paying off.

Visit Faroe Islands Creates ‘Sheep View’ Because Google Street View is a No-Show

Visit Faroe Islands sees its lack of Google Street View as a hindrance to tourism, so the tourism bureau is making its own "Sheep View." Even if the technology doesn't work perfectly, the project itself is getting attention and might boost tourism anyway.

The Next Generation of Revenue Management Puts Customers First, Not Seats

In the ever-changing realm of revenue management, focusing on revenue per customer vs. revenue per seat is the way of the future for the airline industry.

New Skift Trends Report: Digital Payments in Travel 2016

The global digital payments ecosystem is undergoing a rapid and monumental shift; smart travel brands need to stay on top of the shifts in how we pay for goods and services.

New Skift Monthly Series: Voices From the Front Lines of Travel

If hospitality is what travel businesses are built on, how hospitable do the front line employees feel about their work? In this new series we reveal just that.

How Guest Expectations and Changes in Mobile Habits Impact Hotel Tech

The world of hotel technology software, or the “tech stack,” has long existed as a fragmented puzzle. What solutions and strategies will help hotel owners stay competitive, and profitable, in the years to come?

Tours Land Grab Under Way as FareHarbor Gives Temporary Lifeline to Zerve

It is a war zone in tours and activities this week as all of the platform players are scrambling to pick up the pieces of Zerve.

3 Content Challenges for Global Travel Marketers

Connecting effectively and cost-efficiently with travelers from emerging regions is a growing challenge for brands, especially as content marketing becomes a bigger factor in reaching global consumers.