New Google Trips Mobile App Uses Gmail to Source Reservations, Recommendations

Google already had Google Maps when it added Google Flights in 2011 and later hotel metasearch and booking. With the launches of a destinations app, which pairs flight and hotel bookings, in 2015, and now the Google Trips app for organizing reservations and making tours and activities recommendations, Google's travel business is slowly, if steadily, becoming pervasive. Google can afford to bide its time -- it is, after all, Google.

5 days ago

Why Do Travelers Share on Social Media? — Digital Marketing News This Week

Lots of "likes" and "shares" look good in a marketing campaign reports. But did they lead to meaningful actions by the audience? It's time for social media metrics to get more scrutiny from travel marketers.

1 week ago

Behind Orlando’s New IBM Watson-Powered Travel App

Although Visit Orlando's new AI-powered travel app still has kinks, it shows the power of machine learning to provide more contextual and customized information to travelers — most of the time.

2 weeks ago

Airlines Review FAA Warning About Samsung Galaxy Note Phones

Singapore Airlines and Qantas were quick to take steps to warn passengers about charging their Samsung Note 7 phones in-flight while some U.S. airlines were still mulling what to do after the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration issued a warning. An abundance of caution should be the guiding principle here.

2 weeks ago

FAA Issues Warning to Samsung Galaxy Note Users: Don’t Turn on Your Phones

An excellent reminder that everyday electronics, while essential to travelers, still offer challenges to aviation safety.

2 weeks ago

Radiologist Offers App for In-flight Medical Emergencies

During in-flight emergencies, it isn't only the passengers and crew that need help -- medical personnel need some guidelines, too, and that's where the airRx app comes in.

2 weeks ago

How to Do Social Customer Service Right — Digital Marketing News This Week

Social media is becoming big business. If you need proof, just look at American Airlines, which is devoting millions of dollars to making sure travelers say good things about them online.

3 weeks ago


Mastering Mobile Bookings: 4 Do’s and Don’ts for Hotels

Mobile is predicted to overtake desktop for online travel bookings; below are four tips for hotels to stay current in the ever-changing, mobile-first, booking environment.

3 weeks ago


Hospitality Reenvisioned Through Data and Mobile

The digital transformation of hospitality and travel is underway, and it mirrors the changes most brands and consumers now see across the broader business ecosystem.

1 month ago

HotelTonight Becomes Profitable but IPO Chances Are Remote

HotelTonight is more likely to get acquired than to do a successful IPO given the company's relatively small size. The app is exquisite but competition by bigger players is intense.

1 month ago

The Airport Beacon Revolution – Digital Marketing News This Week

Proximity-based "beacon" technology is a transformative technology relatively few people know about. It's already revolutionizing the retail sector, and now airports are seeing the benefits too.

1 month ago

Airbnb Tests Standalone Guide and Restaurants App

Airbnb is going to be a player in local activities and possibly restaurant reservations, both of which are a focus of its new -- and still unreleased -- app. Google aims to get more involved as well.

1 month ago