State of Online Travel Agencies: Ctrip Joins Priceline and Expedia as Global Giant

Ctrip continues to be a rising star, indeed. One thing to note is that not all gross bookings are created equal, though. In 2015, Priceline Group dominated Expedia in profitability: Net income of $2.5 billion versus $765 million.

Tours Land Grab Under Way as FareHarbor Gives Temporary Lifeline to Zerve

It is a war zone in tours and activities this week as all of the platform players are scrambling to pick up the pieces of Zerve.

Anaheim, California, the Home of Disneyland, Bans Airbnb

Is an outright ban the right way to approach regulating short-term rentals? Probably not. Anaheim's ban, somewhat similar to the one in Berlin, will gradually take place over the next 18 months during which homeowners need to shut down their rentals or apply for a license to operate, proving they need the extra income because of financial hardship.

Beyond TripAdvisor Hotel Bookings: Its Tours and Restaurants on Track to Become $500 Million Business

Don't miss the forest for the trees: TripAdvisor is evolving into a well-rounded travel planning AND booking site. If hotel bookings on TripAdvisor eventually fall short of expectations it would be a big blow, but then tours and activities, restaurant reservations, vacation rentals, hotel metasearch and reviews can all play a role in taking up some of the slack.

Legal Experts Give Edge to Airbnb in Its Suit Against San Francisco

Crazy how a law originally designed to address "the pollution" of Internet porn is playing a role in the future of hospitality and regulation of short-term rentals.

Measuring the Impact of Airbnb Rentals on New York City’s Housing Crisis

It’s worth taking this report with a grain of salt considering who commissioned it, but regardless, it’s hard to deny that Airbnb is having some impact on pricing people out in some of New York City’s most desirable neighborhoods.

Why Simple in Travel Can Be So Much Better Than Big Data

Executing well from basic data points can win the day in customer service.

Qunar Gets Offer From Private Equity Firm to Go Private

The tumultuous times in Chinese booking sites continue as brands, investors, and consumers still struggle to fully understand the market.

Figuring out the Tech Solutions to Airbnb’s Racial Discrimination Problem

Discrimination isn’t a problem limited to peer-to-peer platforms like Airbnb, and it’s not a problem with the sharing economy itself. It’s a problem that has to do with human behavior — how we interact with one another, whether online or in real life — and one that travel brands need to offer more than lip service to improve.

Priceline Founder’s New Startup Will Pay Business Travelers to Be Flexible

Upside has the potential to upend how businesses book unmanaged travel. But only time will tell how business travelers will react to an app offering a $100 Amazon gift card to delay their arrival home after a long trip.