The Manifesto for a Common Sense Approach to Regulating Airbnb

Can such a thing exist? Yes, but if we want it to work, we need short-term rental platforms and local governments to cooperate with each other.

Want to Book an Airbnb ‘Room’ on a Plane? Lufthansa Makes It Possible

Give Lufthansa credit for an intriguing new promotion. But for passengers, this is not that great of a deal.

Expedia ‘Wobbled a Little Bit’ Because of Integration Strains

Did Expedia finally bite off more than it can chew when it went on an acquisition tear? The company stumbled during the second quarter of 2016 but likely has the skills to get back on track.

Expedia Hopes for Trivago IPO Before the End of 2016

An IPO for Trivago has been a hoped-for option for Expedia since it acquired the company in 2012. Trivago has been a growth juggernaut and now its investors hope to cash in and to spur increased growth.

Expedia Struggles to Integrate Orbitz After Acquisiton

Expedia should be able to bounce back after taking some short-term hits related to its Orbitz acquisition.

Airbnb and Uber Lobby Democrats at Philadelphia Convention

As usual, Uber and Airbnb are using all the leverage they have as they lobby Democrats to reduce restrictions on the sharing economy.

Europe’s Tough Stance Against Google Could Shame the FTC Into Action

The European regulatory probe of Google on several fronts is putting pressure on the U.S.'s FTC to jump into the fray after bowing out under less-than-stellar circumstances a few years ago. Still, don't expect any meaningful changes in Google's practices until the regulatory processes likely wind through the courts.

Kayak CEO Explains How Airbnb Combats Hotel Surge Pricing

According to Kayak's CEO, Airbnb is preventing traditional hotels from implementing surge prices, and Brexit is impacting tourism far more than recent acts of terrorism.

Airbnb Agrees to Collect Taxes From its Hosts in Los Angeles

Does this tax-collection agreement mean Airbnb is completely legal in Los Angeles? Not really. But if you're renting out your home as a short-term rental, the city wants to make sure it gets its cut of the business, even as it's revising its short-term rental laws.

Measuring the Impact of New York’s New Short-Term Rental Law on Airbnb

Airbnb and other short-term rental companies can learn a lot from what’s happened in New York in terms of the regulations the state and city have implemented, including the new advertising law that awaits Cuomo's signature. And they should start preparing for similar laws that will undoubtedly emerge in other cities.