Europe’s Tough Stance Against Google Could Shame the FTC Into Action

The European regulatory probe of Google on several fronts is putting pressure on the U.S.'s FTC to jump into the fray after bowing out under less-than-stellar circumstances a few years ago. Still, don't expect any meaningful changes in Google's practices until the regulatory processes likely wind through the courts.

Kayak CEO Explains How Airbnb Combats Hotel Surge Pricing

According to Kayak's CEO, Airbnb is preventing traditional hotels from implementing surge prices, and Brexit is impacting tourism far more than recent acts of terrorism.

Airbnb Agrees to Collect Taxes From its Hosts in Los Angeles

Does this tax-collection agreement mean Airbnb is completely legal in Los Angeles? Not really. But if you're renting out your home as a short-term rental, the city wants to make sure it gets its cut of the business, even as it's revising its short-term rental laws.

Measuring the Impact of New York’s New Short-Term Rental Law on Airbnb

Airbnb and other short-term rental companies can learn a lot from what’s happened in New York in terms of the regulations the state and city have implemented, including the new advertising law that awaits Cuomo's signature. And they should start preparing for similar laws that will undoubtedly emerge in other cities.

Travel Stocks Fall After France Terror Attack

When it comes to travel stocks, what goes down must eventually come back up.

Indian Booking Site Yatra To Go Public On Nasdaq, Valued At $218 Million

There is a round of consolidation left in the Indian online booking market, which has happened in every other major market but not here.

Hawaii Governor Blocks Bill to Collect Taxes from Airbnb

More city and state government officials, from Hawaii to Los Angeles and San Francisco, want Airbnb and their peers to help them enforce local laws. But the platforms continue to use the Communications Decency Act as a shield that diverts any liability onto their users. It's clear that we need a better approach that allows both local governments and short-term rental problems to address regulations together.

Airbnb’s Annual Open Gathering Turns to Celebrity Power for L.A. Debut

Airbnb's Open even has been an inspirational gathering of its top hosts and advocates the last two years. This year's celebrity push is a different turn for the brand that speaks to its A-list ambitions.

Airbnb Now Has 100 Million Users and More Grown-Up Problems

No longer the startup that it was in 2008, Airbnb has some very serious issues to contend with as it continues to grow.

State of Online Travel Agencies: Ctrip Joins Priceline and Expedia as Global Giant

Ctrip continues to be a rising star, indeed. One thing to note is that not all gross bookings are created equal, though. In 2015, Priceline Group dominated Expedia in profitability: Net income of $2.5 billion versus $765 million.