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New U.S. Rules Could Bring Unprecedented Change to Booking Flights Online

The U.S. Department of Transporation wants to take a hard look at the distribution methods of U.S. airlines. While it's unclear if any regulation will indeed take place, a move to increase transparency in airfares and schedules would effectively empower online booking sites and metasearch providers while removing a powerful revenue management tool that airlines have used for two decades.

2 days ago

The Details Behind the Merger of MakeMyTrip and Goibibo, India’s Largest OTAs

One wonders about what might happen next to Olx, which is locked in a battle with another classifieds space: Quikr. Is it too unreasonable to think that Naspers might consider merging Olx with Quikr, in exchange for equity? Perhaps it is.

3 days ago

OpenTable Tears Down Its Walls With New Multilingual Capabilities

OpenTable is upping its language skills, although it still is in the early stages of making its restaurant relationships more global.

4 days ago

Google Flights Now Notifies Flyers When Airfares Will Expire

Google has several very clear advantages over competitors: its mountains of data sets and the computing power to do something with them. That's the context of some of these incremental changes in Google Flights and hotel search. Slowly but surely, after much data crunching and testing, Google -- which already is one of the largest players in travel -- is enhancing its flight and hotel products for consumers and advertisers.

4 days ago

Expedia Begins Revealing Its Big Ambitions in Hotel Services

Expedia is seeking to gain even more influence in the hotel industry while the big chains are trying to limit online travel agencies' clout through the hotels' direct-booking campaigns. As Expedia's recent Marriott Vacations and Red Lion deals, along with the needs of smaller hotels, show, there is substantial upside for Expedia.

5 days ago

Anxiety Vs. Mindfulness in the Battle for Travelers’ Attentions

Some travel brands have mastered the art of using FOMO to get us to buy right now. But there's value for some travelers in missing out, at least on the anxiety.

1 week ago

Skift Backstage Podcast: What Online Travel Legends Say About the Future of Travel

Prepare for a fast-paced, idea-rich session with some of the smartest minds in travel.

1 week ago

Understanding Expedia’s Competitive Position and Where It’s Headed

Whilst tech-innovation and hotels direct booking campaigns bring new challenges to the OTA world, Expedia has kept a solid growth over the past years and has a steady eye on upcoming disruptions.

1 week ago

TripAdvisor Stops Booking Activities With Captive Animals and Endangered Species

We expect there will be a lot of appeals — and that tourists who really want to swim with dolphins will just book that experience in another way. But TripAdvisor is trying to address a big issue, evolving issue in a measured, thoughtful way.

1 week ago

Expedia Plans to Use Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service

There has been serious talk about artificial intelligence in travel for the past couple of years. While Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi wasn't talking about implementing artificial intelligence for customer service in the next quarter or two, be assured that Expedia and others are working on it hard.

2 weeks ago

Chinese Travel Booking Site LY.com Buys Wanda Group’s Travel Agent Arm

Since many Chinese travelers still plan their trips through brick-and-mortar travel agencies, LY's purchase of Wanda Group's travel agent arm is a strategic move that speaks to the continued importance of Chinese travel agents in travel booking.

2 weeks ago

Video: Online Travel Founders Talk Game-Changing Deals, Big Upcoming Trends

Moral of the story about the early years of online travel? Not to over-simplify, but be prepared to take risks, feel free to contradict conventional wisdom, and assemble the best damn team that you can.

2 weeks ago