National Park Service at 100 Seeking Diversity in Visitors and Employees

The reasons why more minorities, whether they be African-American, Latino or Asian, don't visit U.S. national parks in great numbers are complex but having a more diverse workforce within the National Park Service ranks would be a big step toward finding out the answers and coming up with solutions.

Big Shift Coming: International Visitor Spending Rises But So Does U.S. Domestic Travel Dependence

Many foreign currencies may not be as strong against the U.S. dollar as in years' past but the exchange rate is still favorable for many of the international travelers visiting the U.S. The overall increase in international visitor spending certainly helps but researchers feel domestic U.S. traveler spending will become even more essential for the rest of the year.

Canada’s Weak Economy Is Bad News for Maine Tourism

A weaker Canadian dollar may be bad news for tourism in Maine but it's good news for American travelers wanting to head north to Canada.

Millennials Are Too Afraid and Self-Important to Take Vacations Says Study

As it turns out, millennials aren't the lazy, entitled workers they're caricatured as. But they're also the most broke and willing to put off a vacation based on the fear of appearing like work isn't their top priority.

Southern Georgia Reminds Tourists: We Have Lots of Alligators

When tourism growth meets hungry alligators, it's a good idea to put up a few warning signs.

Zika Not a Long-Term Threat Argue Miami Tourism Leaders

The challenge for Miami officials is that potential visitors don't discern between high infection-risk neighborhoods and "safe" ones. They just see a potential health crisis in Miami.

Miami Beach Zika Fears Increase as CDC Issues Travel Warning

Visitors won't distinguish between neighborhoods in Miami, they will just avoid it altogether.

Cubans and Tourists Alike Complaining About Beach Litter

Just as Iceland is coming to grips with overtourism, as we call it, Cuba had better get ready because an upsurge in tourism is at its very early stages there. It's almost inexplicable that the government has eased up on anti-litter enforcement at the country's otherwise beautiful beaches.

Eyeing North American Growth, MSC Cruises Is Bringing in Reinforcements

As MSC Cruises prepares for growth (that it hopes will be explosive) over the next 10 years, we expect to see many more strategic changes.

Travel Industry Jobs Made Modest Diversity Gains in 2015

Travel brands' employees must represent the growing diversity of the world's travelers. The U.S. travel industry as a whole made progress towards that goal last year but it largely remains an industry with a sea of white faces.