Iran Gets 5-Star Melia Hotels Property on Caspian Sea

Melia Hotels and Accor Hotels are among the early movers in global chains' return to Iran after an ugly exit in 1979. The parliamentary gains of moderate politicians in Iran's recent elections may give foreign businesses a bit of a confidence boost.

Israel Tourism’s Oscar Promotion Has Already Turned Political

Tourism boards are hyper sensitive when it comes to potentially divisive political issues. But when the tourism board is Israel's, conflict is nearly impossible to avoid.

Israel Tourism Adds Free Celebrity Junkets to the Annual Oscar Swag Bag

We're not sure that people plan a trip to a destination like Israel based upon photos they see in Us Weekly, but we have seen bigger wastes of money on influencer trips.

Egyptian Tourism Losing $250 Million a Month Since Russian Plane Crash

Amid losing hundreds of millions of dollars, we've seen little effort from the Egyptian government to convince tourists that the country is safe and open for business.

Video: Dubai and the Future of City Branding

Dubai knows it can't rely solely upon people spending silly money, it needs to diversify the experiences available to visitors.

Israel Says It’s Safe for Russian Tourists Amid Regional Turmoil

Two countries' tourism setbacks are other countries tourism gains, and with its sunny beaches and plenty of history Israel certainly stands to gain a lot of Russian tourists if it can manage its message the right way.

Israel Tourism Targets Russian Travelers Turning Away From Turkey

Israel is offering security and discounts, two things sure to attract a clientele that feels insecure and fleeced right now.

Egypt Needs Tourists, So It Is Opening Ancient Tombs

Tourism in Egypt always bounces back when violence or chaos hits the country, but this time is offering particular challenges.

Dubai to Open a Theme Park for 21st Century Fox Characters

Destinations have always envied the success of Disney, but it was Universal that demonstrated the best way to challenge the House of Mouse with it's full court Harry Potter offensive.

Egyptians Worry About Impact of Plane Crash on Russian Resort Tourism

As Egypt’s tourism sector slowly recovers from years of political tumult that left it battered, Russians have emerged as the dominant group on its Red Sea beaches. How Saturday’s Russian-bound Metrojet disaster killing over 200 passengers will impact future tourism arrivals depends on results determining the cause of the crash.