Spain’s Real Estate Market Is Bracing for Weakness After Brexit

It's still early, but European countries are worrying about the ripple effects — like a potential housing market hit — from Britain's decision to leave the EU.

Russians are Quick to Travel to Turkey Again After Apology

Russian travel companies welcomed the prospect of renewed travel to Turkey as another traditional destination, Egypt, has likewise felt a downturn while many Russians have turned to domestic travel in 2016.

52 Wounded Still Hospitalized After Istanbul Airport Attack

Expect to see major airports extending their security perimeters outside passenger terminals in coming years.

Italy Completes a Long Overdue Restoration of Rome’s Iconic Colosseum

Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world yet it's one of the worst tourism marketers. At least it's demonstrating that it cares enough about its national monuments to put funding towards preserving them.

European Tourist Spots Worry About Impact of Pound’s Plunge

As the reality of a post-Brexit European Union sinks in, tourist destinations around the continent may have a better sense of whether visits from the UK will slow down. For now, there's plenty of worry to go around.

Chinese Tourists See Brexit Vote and Pound Decline as One Big ‘Sale’ Sign

While we don't have Burberry on our shopping list, we look forward to feeling less squeezed this summer when we visit London. It's a feeling that most visitors have practically forgotten.

Istanbul’s Deadly Airport Attacks Add to Turkey’s Mounting Tourism Woes

Over the last eight months Turkey's people and its tourism industry have been under sustained attacks. It's leadership needs help (and guidance) from the international community if it is to ease the crisis.

Skift Survey: U.S. Travelers Split on Visiting UK, Avoiding It or Looking Up What ‘Brexit’ Means

This is not immaterial to UK travel. They need Americans to (continue to) come flocking and spend as much as they can. As much as it may hurt, VisitBritain and other interests will need to pitch the potential big savings of their destination in the months ahead.

Britons Abroad Question Financial and Political Future After Brexit Vote

From tourist to expat and then to the unknown status — the Brexit is just complicating everything now.

The Brexit Will Hit Tourism Hardest in These 6 European Countries

Some EU nations will be more affected than others by Britain's decision to leave, but there will be fallout for all.