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4 Charts Showing Brussels Attacks’ Impact on European Travel Bookings

Europe's terrorism problem goes far deeper than the attacks we saw in Paris and Brussels. But many travelers are still committed to making their European trips as planned despite a seemingly gloomy forecast for summer travel that these charts show.

Poll: Business Travel in Europe Was Affected but ‘Resilient’ After Brussels Attacks

Global security concerns have been a reality for travelers for years, so it's alarming to see 20 percent of respondents say that their company does not have a policy to deal with such risks.

Greece Wants to Capitalize on Tourists Avoiding Turkey

Greece is hoping trouble in Turkey will help its tourism industry rebound following concerns over Europe's migrant crisis.

Why $31 Luxury Hotel Rooms Aren’t Good News for Anyone in Turkey

If you just look at Istanbul the problem isn't so bad. But Turkey's tourism industry is much bigger than Istanbul, and some economies rely a disproportionate amount on foreign visitors.

Interview: Istanbul Rises as a Global Convention City Amidst Turkey’s Problems

Istanbul is emerging as a new global business hub due to massive infrastructure improvements, including what will be the largest capacity airport in Europe, but security fears could potentially dampen growth.

What Does the Rhine Have That the Mississippi Doesn’t? Passengers

There are a lot of reasons why river cruising is so much popular across the pond than it is here, but operators in the U.S. are hoping new itineraries and lower prices will entice more cruisers to sail domestically.

Belgian Chocolate Shops Prepare for a Decline in Tourism

While people will likely cancel trips, Europe will likely see a stronger year than they would have otherwise had, thanks to the strong dollar.

Brussels Subway Death Toll Highlights Airport Security Focus

While terrorists have consistently targeted railway stations over the last two decades, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is spending the vast majority of its budget on airline security.

TripAdvisor and Industry Groups Are Optimistic About Europe, Despite Travel Alert

Only a small percentage of Americans generally travel to Europe anyway and many will undoubtedly opt for vacations closer to home. Still, travel usually recovers a few months after a major incident unless disruptions become persistent, which is the fear.

Skift Survey: Americans Rethink Summer European Travel Plans After Attacks

European travel season isn't looking great this year, with recent terrorist attacks and fears of more coming. Travel brands are bracing for the downturn.