Everything You Wanted to Know About the Hotel Industry’s Gripes Against OTAs

The direct booking wars will not be fought by laying out the evidence to parliamentary committees, but in the hearts of consumers. Still, the arguments and the evidence are definitely worth reading

Belgium’s Prime Minister Does Not Appreciate a KLM Offer of Free Train Rides from Brussels

Offering free train tickets out of Brussels is fine, but making it part of a publicity campaign — especially now — seems more than a little insensitive.

Interview: Paris Convention Bureau Responds to Post-Attack Challenges

Conference organizers are reaching out to the Paris Convention Bureau more than in the past few months, but the numbers are still significantly below 2015.

Ryanair Is Inviting Passengers to Complain Via App

It's one thing to invite annoyed customers to share their grievances. More important is what Ryanair does to address those complaints.

Turkish Government Moves to Protect Tourism Businesses Hit by Downturn

On the surface this is good news, and a sign that Turkey's government understands the financial impact of travel and tourism. We hope that's the story below the surface, too.

U.S. Consulate in Istanbul Warns Tourists of ‘Credible Threats’

The messages coming out of Istanbul are going to continue scaring away U.S. visitors.

Air France Is Trying to Woo Young Travelers with a Discount Loyalty Program

We're not sure that discounts alone will help Air France pull many young travelers from trains and buses, but cheaper flights should give low-cost carriers some competition.

Europe Mulls Requiring Visas for American and Canadian Visitors

Europe's proposed move to require visas for American and Canadian visitors would be a blow to the EU's tourism industry and appears to be retaliation for the fact that several European countries aren't part of the U.S. visa waiver program.

Sweden Positions Locals as Global Tourism Ambassadors With First Country Phone Number

This clever campaign takes advantage of an often underutilized tourism resource that most destinations overlook: locals.