Fearing Terrorism, Europeans Look for Safer Vacation Destinations

Fears about terrorism are understandable, but savvy travelers might want to avoid the crowds in Spain, Portugal and Italy and head to France and Turkey. That's where the deals are.

Turkey’s Tourism Drop Is Dragging the Economy Down With It

What's happening in Turkey is a shame for so many reasons, not lease of which are the creativity of the country's tourism leaders as well as Turkey's incredible resources.

Hotel Reservations in Nice Fell 30 Percent After Bastille Day Attack

In the immediate aftermath of the Bastille Day attack, terrorism's chilling effect has started impacting the hotel business. How quickly Nice and the region bounce back remains to be seen.

U.S. is Among the Worst in Paid Vacation, Malta the Best

One reason U.S. residents lag in taking vacations is that they are among the least-compensated in terms of statutory days off in the world. Malta, on the other hand, is a vacation-compensation paradise.

UK Travel Stocks Continue Decline Following Brexit and Greater Unrest

The British tend to travel under nearly any condition. So while TUI and its peers will take a short-term hit for sales to some markets, travel will still be taking place.

Visit Faroe Islands Creates ‘Sheep View’ Because Google Street View is a No-Show

Visit Faroe Islands sees its lack of Google Street View as a hindrance to tourism, so the tourism bureau is making its own "Sheep View." Even if the technology doesn't work perfectly, the project itself is getting attention and might boost tourism anyway.

Turkey’s Tourism Revival Under Threat From Coup Attempt and Response

It's essential to project and then deliver on a promise of safety and security. If you do, people will return. But we are not certain the current government is capable of this.

The Best Travel Destinations for Wine Lovers in 2016

Cheers to this oenophile travel wish list.

Following Tragedy in Nice, France, EasyJet, Marriott Waive Their Fees

Europe Is Still Threatening to End Visa-Waiver Travel by North Americans

The European Union is looking to punish the U.S. and Canadia for their uneven implementation of visa-waiver eligibility. Fortunately, cooler heads in Europe are holding up any retaliatory action.