Skift Podcast: Iceland and the Perils of Overtourism

When destinations look to tourism as an economic boost, they can sometimes get more than they bargained for. Iceland provides a perfect example of the woes that can come with large numbers of visitors.

2 days ago

Visit Britain Has a New Marketing Campaign, But Deal-Seekers Were Coming Anyway

Sometimes you have good luck and sometimes you have good timing. And sometimes you have both. Visit Britain's campaign already makes sense since the U.S. is the UK's most valuable source market. But many Americans were probably already mulling a UK trip because of the great exchange rate without the coaxing of a tourism board.

1 week ago

Three Months In, UK Travel Industry Learning to Live With Brexit

With the UK government seemingly determined to sever all ties with the European Union, things don’t look great for the travel industry. For the time being there’s not much companies can do but hope for the best.

2 weeks ago

Large Cruise Ships in the Arctic Prompt Calls for Regulation

We've written often about the dangers of overtourism. As cruise lines and other travel industry players bring larger ships and greater numbers of visitors to fragile destinations such as the Arctic, they should proceed with caution and care.

2 weeks ago

Melia Hotels Says the Lower Pound Is Driving Americans to the UK

There has been plenty of negative fallout for the UK since the Brexit vote, but it sounds like increased tourism to Britain could be a silver lining.

2 weeks ago

Amsterdam Mayor Can’t Blunt Overtourism Visitor Boom

Many destinations around the world would love to have Amsterdam's problem -- too much tourism. But that doesn't reduce the complexities in finding a workable balance between maintaining a nice way of life for residents and attracting tourism dollars. In Amsterdam, the inherent conflict will lead to something new. We just don't know what that is yet.

3 weeks ago

Portugal Sees Tourism From the U.K. Staying Strong Despite Brexit Vote

It's a good sign for Portugal that British tourists are still coming despite the weaker pound; more investment and promotion to increase the destination's appeal should help that trend continue.

4 weeks ago

This Greek Refugee Camp Is Being Converted Into a Luxury Resort

It's a real shame when, in the interests of making money and working under the guise of improving the economy through tourism, governments and corporations so carelessly neglect those most in need. We seriously hope the Greek government and the developers behind this project come up with a solution for the refugees.

4 weeks ago

Tourist Magnet Iceland May Be Getting Too Hot for Investors

As Skift reported in a recent deep dive on Iceland, the country is struggling to adjust to the changes that came with a huge tourist boom.

1 month ago

Turkey Had a Terrible Year for Tourism and Signs of Recovery Are Elusive

This year has set Turkey back farther than the numbers show. It's reputation has taken a huge hit and the country's leaders are making one move after another to worsen the situation.

1 month ago

Paris Street Protests Take Violent Turn as Tourism Convention Season Begins

In early summer when it's just about leisure tourists, this may fly. But it's no longer summer in Paris, and it's no longer about leisure travel.

1 month ago

Visa-Free Travel for Turkey Has Hit More Roadblocks With The EU

Both Turkey and the EU have a major interest in resolving their impasse over visa-free travel and immigration. That will probably be a formula for compromise between the two parties.

1 month ago