Rio Gets a Financial Lifeline Just Weeks Before Olympics Begin

At this stage it looks as if Rio 2016 will be the "Heaven's Gate" of sporting events: long, drawn-out, and a financial disaster. It's yet another compelling argument that big events don't always mean smart tourism.

Brazil Loses Tourism Minister in Graft Scandal Only Weeks Before Olympics

Remember when we all thought the Brazil World Cup was going to be a disaster and it wasn't. Although we wish we could say we'll be wrong about the Olympics in the same way, Brazilian officials are making it really hard to be optimistic.

With Two Months to Go, Rio Braces for an Olympics Fraught With Challenges

Brazil pulled off the World Cup in 2014 with few problems, but a repeat success is less certain this time around.

Moody’s Says That the Olympics Won’t Help Brazil’s Economy Much

Rare is the big event that makes money for the people who live in the destination where it takes place. To do so requires long-term thinking and tourism development rather than immediate gratification, which is a problem for many cities.

One of Brazil’s Best Athletes Is Telling Tourists to Skip the Olympics

It seems a bit extreme to try to scare everyone away, but this year's Olympic games so far are becoming the worst-case-scenario that 2014's World Cup was able to avoid.

No One in the Cruise Industry Is Losing Sleep Over Zika

Cruise passengers — who are, on average, 49 years old in North America — don't seem to be panicking over the mosquito-borne illness that appears to pose the biggest threat to pregnant women.

Celebrity Cruises Acquisition Shows Intense Demand for Galapagos Sailings

Two ships that can hold a total of 64 passengers will make up a tiny sliver of Celebrity's capacity in the carefully controlled Galapagos Islands, but the cruise line is eager to offer a wider variety of vacation options there.

CDC Says Tourists Can Safely Visit High-Elevation Spots in Zika-Hit Countries

The CDC is in a position where it's balancing the unknowns of outbreaks with useful warnings for tourists.

9 Pregnant American Tourists Confirmed With Zika Virus

Bad news for the families hit by this, and potentially very bad news for Latin American tourism.

The Zika Virus Panic Is Following a Familiar Pattern

The Zika virus has dangerous consequences for female travelers. But right now, fear-mongering exceeds the actual threat to travelers.